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How much does Suspension Spring Coils Replacement cost?

It depends on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they don't have the overhead that repair shops have. They provide you convenience by coming to your home or office.

Car Labor Cost Parts Cost Estimate Average Dealer Price Savings
2002 Ford Ranger $84.00 $66.90 $151 $195.90 22%
2007 GMC Savana 3500 $91.00 $1285.18 $1376 $1424.93 3%
2009 Volkswagen Tiguan $70.00 $1552.53 $1623 $1660.03 2%
2004 Saab 9-5 $70.00 $1419.58 $1490 $1527.08 2%
2009 Chevrolet Express 1500 $91.00 $3467.98 $3559 $3607.73 1%
2003 Infiniti FX35 $91.00 $1319.98 $1411 $1459.73 3%
2009 Audi A5 Quattro $161.00 $1157.98 $1319 $1405.23 6%
2002 Mercedes-Benz SL600 $84.00 $1517.36 $1601 $1646.36 2%
2008 Audi RS4 $112.00 $1658.38 $1770 $1830.38 3%

Suspension Spring Coils Replacement Service

What are the Suspension Spring Coils all about?

The suspension spring coils are part of the shock absorbing system. Each wheel has one suspension coil spring. The wheel is connected to the control arms through ball joints. The control arm is connected to the frame through the bushings. There are two control arms on each side of the car. There is a spring (suspension spring) in between the lower control arm and the upper control arm that helps the shock absorbers absorb the shocks to give you a smooth ride.

It is rare for the suspension spring coils to wear out. They usually last for the lifetime of the car. Some suspension system designs do not use coil springs. They can use leaf springs, torsion bars, or a combination of these systems.

Keep in mind:

  • Suspension spring coils are replaced in pairs (both front or both rear).
  • The car may need to be taken to a shop for wheel alignment after this service. Mobile mechanics do not have the machinery to align wheels.

How it's done:

  • Verify that the suspension spring coils are bad.
  • Remove/replace faulty coils.
  • Make sure the car sits evenly on all four corners.

Our recommendation:

Suspension springs usually last for the duration of your vehicle’s life, so you don’t need to regularly check them or be proactive. However, if you notice that your car is not driving smoothly, or that it is leaning to one side, then you should have your shock system inspected by a mechanic. You should also have your suspension springs checked whenever another element of your shock system is being serviced.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Suspension Spring Coils?

  • Car leans to one side or another.
  • Coil spring is broken.

How important is this service?

Each wheel has a suspension spring that helps the vehicle absorb shock. The springs sit between the shock absorbing system’s upper and lower arms, and help the absorption process. Without functioning springs, the shock system absorbs a harmful amount of shock and stress, which negatively impacts the smoothness of your ride, and causes damage to the shock system.

Fast and easy Suspension Spring Coils Replacement service at your home or office.

Backed by 12-month, 12,000-mile guarantee

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