32 years of experience
Phoenix, AZ

I have over 30 years of experience as an automotive technician. I have extensive experience with dealerships as well as independent shops and can diagnose, service, and repair just about any problem your car presents. I give 100% every time and always make sure your vehicle is running as smoothly and safely as possible.





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on July 28

Although it was his first time to work on my type of car, Scott gave it his all that he had to leave very late. He loves what he does and he's good at it.

on July 15

Scott was friendly and nice to talk with. He worked fast and got to the bottom of my coolant leak right away. I am thankful for his service and would recommend him to anyone!

on July 06

Scott was perfectly on time, and very friendly and knowledgeable. He answered some questions and gave me sound advice. He finished with the work in a timely manner and I am very happy with the results. Thank you Scott!



Honda Accord
on July 22

Scott is experienced and took care of the problem in a very professional manner. I will hire his services again. Thanks Scott



Ford Mustang
on June 13

I love this service! Showed up on time, fixed everything and took his time checking that everything worked. I cannot tell you how super pleased I am that this service exists. I recommend Scott 1000 percent.



Ford Focus
on June 09

Scott was right on time. Called when he was in the driveway. Very skilled as that is a difficult battery to change. Everything was clean and car started right up.

on June 04

Scott went the extra mile, returning to complete the job after picking up some additional parts needed. I appreciate his efforts; he cares about his customers and it shows. Thanks Scott!

on May 17

Besides having an awesome first name, Scott was on time, professional, friendly and knowledgeable. A lot of times, especially towards the end of the day, mechanics and other service providers rush the job and are rude and just want to go home. Scott wasn't rude and took his time to examine the problem. I'd definitely use him again! Thanks Scott!



GMC Yukon XL 1500
on May 06

Great experience. First time I used Your Mechanic. Scott was very knowledgeable in regards to his profession. Great communicator and respectful. Would highly recommend.



BMW 328i
on June 14

Scott did an amazing job replacing my BMW battery (which can be tricky). He showed up on time and was done within an hour!

on January 23

Very helpful courteous and honest help fix the problem very quickly and also explained and showed some of the issues that was developed from the problem and how they can be taken care of. Personally I think I just found my new mechanic.


  • Heater Hose


Cadillac Eldorado
on October 24

Scott's experience is penultimate - he knew what to do, and how to do it - on top of that he is a great guy, a hard worker, and takes pride in his work - bottom line Scott is the best mechanic I have ever met.

on October 28

I thought Scott was great - skilled and knowledgeable but also very friendly and informative. I've dealt with plenty of grumpy surly mechanics and Scott was the exact opposite - easy to talk to, easy to work with and willing to share his knowledge. I couldn't be happier with my experience! Thank you!

on November 04

Scott was excellent. He was punctual, kept me informed, was very knowledgeable. He is very polite and pleasant to deal with. My car is fixed for less money and no hassle!!



Mazda 3
on May 16

Scott showed up on-time (actually few minutes early) for both of my appointments. He is very knowledgeable and very personable. Not only was his work outstanding but, it was a pleasure to meet him as well. I will request Scott, on all further appointments for work I need done on my vehicles.

on November 13

Scott i knowledgeable,answered my questions, and got my car running. very kind and polite. The price of service call was very reasonable. Thanks! .

on May 17

Scott provided excellent service for multiple appointments. He swapped out the oil sending unit, did an oil change, replace the ignition lock assembly, and provided an general inspection. I feel I can trust Scott with any future repairs my Jeep may need. As for YourMechanic, I think their customer service can use some lubricants to make their scheduling and communication run a little smoother. There were a few hiccups in scheduling that had nothing to do with Scott and I kind of felt sorry for the guy a couple of times. They even scheduled service for one day without consulting me. However, scheduling and communication issues aside, I'd definitely rely on Scott's help again.

on November 18

Scott was on time, called when he arrived. Great attitudes, respectful. Able to quickly identify the problem and additional problem I hadn't noticed. Quickly found additional parts needed. Performed work in a timely manner. Explained repairs performed, showed what went wrong with broken parts. Saw small unrelated issue he was able to quickly fix. Ran codes when he saw check engine light on. Double checked repairs. Very courteous and professional throughout. Exceptional customer service

on November 19

Scott was super professional and courteous. The job was done quickly and before I knew it, I got the call that was done! Would definitely recommend both this service and Scott to my friends and family.

on November 25

Scott arrived early and was very professional. He seemed very knowledgeable about cars in general and answered all my annoying questions. Thanks for the help Scott!!!

on August 16

Great experience! Showed up on time. When we discussed repair, he informed me that one of repairs would only needed a piece replaced instead of the whole part. Ordered the correct parts, made the repairs, save me a little $$, and the car was back on the road quickly.

on December 19

Scott was on time and very knowledgeable and friendly. He fixed the issues and made the process very easy for us. I would definitely recommend him and will use him again in the future!



Honda Accord
on June 01

Once again, couldn't be more pleased with my experience with Your Mechanic and Scott. He was on-time (maybe even a little early). The repair went perfectly. I think the bill was even a few dollars lower than the estimate I had gotten. I highly recommend trying this company and my mechanic, Scott. Thanks! Chris


  • Brake safety inspection


Dodge Durango
on June 01

Scott showed up at the precise moment of my appointment (beginning of 1-hour window). He adjusted my rear brakes, which I did not know was even needed--no extra charge. Unfortunately, he found my reported problem to be caused by something that has to be ordered and will probably be way out of my price range--not his fault; it is what it is, right? Actual quote will come in my email. If I can find a way to get this problem fixed, it will be Scott whom I'll depend on to get the job done!

on January 09

Scott arrived on time, was courteous and did a good job with the oil change. He informed me of what he had done and any other issues that he noticed which may require additional fixing in the future. I was very impressed with the service and will definitely use it again

on June 04

Scott arrived early for my weekend appointment. When he arrived at my house, I showed him the issue and the parts that need to be replaced. I asked him several questions regarding maintenance on other parts and he provided valuable information that will save me money and also keep my car in good shape. He worked nonstop even though it's hot outside. The estimated duration for the job is 5.5 hours but he completed everything in only 4.5 hours! That includes the test drive, sweeping and washing my garage floor. Scott also showed me the defect on the water pump as well as the parts that he replaced. After the appointment, he provided a very detailed report of the service with pictures and voice notes. I will definitely book Scott the next time my car needs to be serviced. I highly highly recommend Scott.

on January 19

He called me to ask if he could come early. He came prepared with everything needed. Was at my home about an hour. All went smooth. Advised me of a few other repairs that should be dealt with and I appreciated the insight.

on January 07

Scott went above and beyond to fix what I thought was merely a dead battery. We discovered that the positive cable was badly corroded, requiring a new cable bundle as well as the new battery. He helped me get the cable and then installed it quickly and properly at a reasonable charge.

on June 07

Scott was great! Very Courteous, professional and knowledgeable. My car was diagnosed within the first 30 minutes of him being there and he was complete with the repair within a total to 45 minutes!



Toyota Corolla
on January 28

Scott was prompt, knowledgeable and very courteous. We can't thank him enough. We will be using Scott again in the very near future for ALL of our repair / maintenance needs.

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