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Horn does not blow Inspection Service

A car horn is not designed to voice your displeasure with another motorist as some people may think. Instead, it is meant to warn other drivers and any pedestrians in the vicinity to your presence in order to avoid unfortunate contact with them. A brief “toot” can, for instance, gain the attention of a pedestrian about to step off a curb into traffic without looking, or get the attention of a distracted parent trying to manage a child, instead of paying close attention to what is unfolding in the road ahead.

How this system works:

The car horn hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years. The system is made up of a switch or button, relay and the speaker device that outputs the sound. The components and wiring are protected by a separate fuse labeled in the main panel. The relative simplicity of the system makes it easy to diagnose maladies.

Common reasons for this to happen:

Blown fuse

The main job of a fuse is to protect the electrical circuits in your car from a shorting or overloading. A fuse protects the wire or wires they are connected to from overheating and catching fire. Fuses are rated by their amperage and are designed to blow or open when the current being drawn through it exceeds its design rating. If a device draws enough current to blow a fuse, odds are you've got a problem that will make it blow again, sooner or later. Rarely, a fuse will fail for no apparent reason.

Horn is defunct

Most vehicles actually have two horns, wired to sound at the same time. Typically mounted to the radiator core support or somewhere behind the vehicle's front grille, each horn delivers is a different pitch, sounding a chord instead of a single note. Some luxury cars employ three horns for a more complex, melodious sound. Because they are mounted in the engine bay, horns are susceptible to the elements. They often get wet and dirty causing the electrical connections to rust -- breaking the electrical connection -- and the horns internal components to corrode.

Bad horn relay

Technically speaking, the horn relay switches a large current to the horns at a signal from the low-current horn button in the steering wheel. When the horn button is pushed it the current to flow to the relay. When the relay is energized, it closes the circuit and allows the full power to be directed to the horns.

Typically, the horn relay is a simple, inexpensive single-pole single throw (SPST) relay, packaged in a small metal or plastic box with five connectors. But it can be integrated into a larger box that also control the headlights, turn signals or other features.

Malfunctioning horn button

The horn button (or buttons) is where you press the palm of your hand to activate the horn. It’s typically mounted in the steering wheel, atop of the airbag shroud.

Bad clock spring

A clock spring is a special rotary electrical connector that allows a vehicle's steering wheel to turn while still making an electrical connection between the steering wheel airbag and/or the vehicle's horn and other devices in the vehicle's electrical systems. Your car’s airbag must be removed to access the slip rings or clock spring that carry electricity up the rotating steering column from the relay to the horn button.

Bad wiring

If all of the above passes inspection, the wiring bad and the mechanic will identify the open circuit.

What to expect:

A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine the cause of the inoperable horn, and will then provide a detailed inspection report that includes the scope and cost of the necessary repairs.

How important is this service?

The U.S. Department of Transportation mandates that each vehicle be equipped with an audible warning device (i.e., a horn) and that it operates as per the intended design. Correct operation is often verified during a state inspection. A horn that is muffled or inoperative will need to be repaired before a passing grade is given. As such, it is advisable to book a mechanic to perform a thorough inspection of the inoperable horn as soon as possible.

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23 years of experience
903 reviews
23 years of experience
GMC Acadia V6-3.6L - Other Inspections - Alamo, California
Great service. Pointed out a flaw in previous work and made sure it was covered by their warranty.
Chevrolet Trailblazer - Other Inspections - Oakland, California
Tien was a godsend. I had researched an issue with my TB and was confident in my conclusion of parts to be repaired. I wanted it to be anything but the transmission. I had taken it to a mechanic previously that only pulled 1 code for me and gave a vague diagnosis: "well, it SOUNDS like transmission." I wanted it to be anything but tranny of course. Tien was scheduled for replacement and services for various things I believed the problem to be, but when he came for the appointment (delightfully early I may add), he started first by investigating my claims and showing me why it would be a waste to replace those parts. He pulled 2 codes for me and we test-drove together and he showed me the 3rd gear was slipping. He gave me crucial advice and information and saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars of work with his honesty and demonstration. I can't express how grateful I am that Tien was there to work with me that day. When I've traded in my car for a new one, I am sure I will be calling on Tien for all of my routine checkup needs. =)


20 years of experience
63 reviews
20 years of experience
Ford Taurus V6-3.0L - Other Inspections - Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Terrance was knowledgeable,polite and courteous. He took the time to explain things to me and didn't do work that I didn't need. I couldn't have asked for a better mechanic.
Lexus IS250 - Other Inspections - Nashville, Tennessee
Terrance is a great guy. He was on time and before he worked on my car, he pointed out I had another issue and that could be why my car set off a code. I got it checked out and got it fixed for free. I would recommend Terrance to everyone. He's just that awesome and honest.


10 years of experience
100 reviews
10 years of experience
Chevrolet Caprice V8-5.7L - Other Inspections - Irving, Texas
Repaired my problem (that 2 other mechanics were not able to figure out) after correctly diagnosing the problem. Had me up and running fairly quick. Highly recommend.
Nissan Xterra - Other Inspections - Flower Mound, Texas
Toby was awesome. Super friendly and great customer service. I had scheduled an exhaust manifold replacement but Toby was able to discover that it wasn't the exhaust manifold that needed to be replaced but rather it was some loose bolts connecting the manifold to the exhaust that were causing the problem. I highly recommend Toby for your next service. Thanks


19 years of experience
113 reviews
19 years of experience
Mazda CX-7 L4-2.3L Turbo - Other Inspections - Glen Allen, Virginia

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