19 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I have been an automotive technician since 1998 and have worked at GM, BMW, and Audi dealerships. I'm skilled at repairing and servicing Asian, European, and Domestic vehicles. I welcome the opportunity to work on your car!





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Lexus ES300
on March 30

Tien knew the exact problem after a few minutes of diagnosis. One of the best mechanics that I'd have no hesitation to refer to friends.

on March 29


on March 27

Had my 80K maintenance service done by Tien. He arrived early, I wasn't home so he waited. Completed all the required job that was needed for the service. Kept my garage clean, too. Very professional and knowledgeable. Performed some inspections and recommendations for up-coming maintenance required.

on March 22

I'm a professional Chef and I like things to run smoothly and efficiently. Tien arrived early with his game face on ready to solve the mechanical issues with my car. Tien did not waste time doodling around eating up time which made me feel like my money was well spent.

on March 07

Great knowledge and expert inspection. Good peace of mind buying a used car. Happy to chat on the phone afterward and go through everything. Hight recommended.

on March 03

Your mechanic has done a great job working on our car. He gave good feedback on what he was doing and what I might need in the future. I would recommend your mechanic to anyone needing minor work done on there car.

on March 02

Tien came to replace my headlight bulbs. He was on time and quick. I have used him in the past and have experienced nothing less than a professional and knowledgeable mechanic.

on March 07

We have been very pleased with the dedication and work ethics Tien has shown each time he has been here to work on each of our vehicles. He truly wants to make sure the job is completed correctly. Thanks Tien!

on March 08

This is my second appt with Tien and was just as impressed as the first. Professional thorough and goes the extra mile without you asked



GMC Sierra 1500
on February 28

Tien was friendly and professional. He contacted me with the courtesy call prior to arrival and was able to complete the work on time.

on March 02

Tien was on time and very friendly. He didn't complete the pre- purchase review because he determined the car had failed after inspection of the suspension, cooling inspection and noting fluid leaks ( He didn't clarify if the leak residue is from a current issue or residue from a past repaired). I also specifically asked for an explanation of the indicator lights on the dash he did not address the lights on the dash, hopefully the indicator lights will be included in his report.

on January 24

Tien notified me in advance that he may arrive early. Introduced his self and then confirmed the service to be performed. After that, he went right to work and completed the project quietly and quickly. This was removing the Windshield washer motor on a BMW and it was a lot of detail to this job. Tien finished and had me check to my satisfaction the project. He cleaned the work area and then left. No complaints.

on January 21

Tien is great, he was able to come 2 hours early which was great and was able to give me great advice which allows me to make informed decisions



Honda Accord
on January 05

I had an appointment today to replace the broken water pump on my '89 Honda Accord. Tien actually arrived a bit early for the job- not easy as I live on a winding street in the Berkeley Hills- and completed it with some time to spare even! He was very courteous, competent and professional. I am delighted with his and Your Mechanic's service and would highly recommend both! Len B Berkeley, CA

on January 02

Performed a good job in replacing a new axle shaft seal. Took the time to look over and answer any additional questions in honesty regarding engine issues,very friendly and professional.

on April 07

Although I wasn't there to oversee the requested work to my vehicle, the points leading up to it were exactly what I expected. Tien gave me a phone call about his arrival as well as possible times if i chose them. (someone had cancelled their appointment prior to mine, which worked out to my benefit.) My car's oil change is in tip top shape as well as my tire rotation. Thanks!


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Chevrolet Express 3500
on September 30

Tien went over and above in finding and correcting a problem with the backup camera in my motor home. He was professional, helpful in finding an alternate solution to the problem and competent in his work.

on September 30

Tien was SO WONDERFUL! He was personable and quick. I was left with such a wonderful impression of Your Mechanic and what they offer. My coworkers also got to see how the service works and how wonderful Tien was and will be using you in the future. THANK YOU TIEN!

on November 02

After years of poor experiences at dealerships, having Tien visit my home and repair my car while I watched was a treat. He explained what he was doing, answered questions, and kept working with obvious familiarity with my vehicle and the work he was performing. It was a great experience and one I plan to repeat.

on November 04

Great experience, never thought it would be comforting having your vehicle being treated well. He gives you piece of mind assuring you can drive the vehicle.

on November 07

Tien did very well. I had brake cleaner that he didn't like as it had an inferior affect and was like lube so I'll convey that back to Monument Car parts in San Ramon (they are an excellent store). All went well. Mission accomplished.

on November 09

Tien's been a great mechanic! I've had him work on my car for various problems and he's been able to fix them each time. He went above and beyond the call of duty, highly recommend!



Lexus RX300
on November 11

Tien Phan did an excellent job repair on my car. He is very helpful, cheerful and he checked everything to make sure that it is working properly. I want to thank him personally.



BMW 750Li
on May 16

Tien always show up on time, if he is late he always call me ahead of time. He is very knowledgeable, professional and skillful, gives me advice on maintenance.


  • 120,000 Miles Maintenance...


Lexus ES300
on November 17

He did the 120,000 mile scheduled maintenance and instead of just telling me what needed to be fixed he not only took pictures and made voice memos. Then when he was done took the time to show me each damaged spot and thoroughly explained every question I asked to make sure i really understood the situation. I would HIGHLY recomend Tien Phan (and already have/am to all my friend with cars) and yourmechanic.com


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Nissan Altima
on November 20

Tien is very profesional and easy to understand as he explains what he has detected while checking the car for problems. Also friendly and easy going personality. (one good dude)

on August 14

I made an appt. for Tien to come by and replace the fuel pump for my no start diagnosed by him through the inspection I had a few weeks earlier. Tien got to work on the car immediately on arrival. As in many if not all jobs, it turned out to be a more complicated than expected. In the process of changing the fuel pump, he discovered that the new fuel pump was slightly different than the one being replaced and the wiring would need to be adjusted somehow to be able to use the new one. It was amazing to see as he used his knowlege and experience to make the necessary adjustments to make the part work! He could have taken the "shortcut way" which a lot of mechanics would have done. When he removed the old fuel pump, it seems that only the fuel hose part was damaged beyond repair, but the rest of the unit was intact and probably still working. He could have maybe just changed the hose part and left the rest of the old unit as is, but decided to replace the whole unit if he could, pending the wiring adjustment mentioned above. Thanks Tien for a great job highly recommend you to everyone!

on August 15

Tien arrived on time and quickly got to work diagnosing the problem of my no start. He checked the electrical system (battery, spark plugs, fuses, etc.) as well as the fuel components (fuel injection, etc.) and found that the fuel pump was not working for some reason. He recommended that I get the fuel pump replaced and this should start up the car. His diagnosis was right on the money as I had the fuel pump replaced by him in a later appt. a few weeks later. Would highly recommend Tien for any job!

on May 27

This is our second service with Tien. He's been terrific to work with! He's fast, friendly, and recommends only services that truly need attention so as to help keep costs low. This appointment was for an inspection of the brakes and suspension, and I've just booked the follow-up appointment for him to come back next week to complete the necessary repairs. I also love that the cost for the inspection appointment is applied 100% toward the follow-up appointment. Go with Tien, he can't be beat!


  • Clutch Coil


Acura RL
on May 27

Very experienced and knowledgeable. I had researched the issue with the a/c problem on my 2006 acura RL and so was able to make a custom request to just fix the failing component instead of replacing additional parts and even the compressor as quoted by other shops. Tien was easily able to accommodate the custom request and the a/c is working fine now. Highly recommended!

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