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I have over 16 years of experience as an automotive technician and have worked at GM, BMW, and Audi dealerships. I'm skilled at repairing and servicing both import and domestic vehicles and welcome the opportunity to work on your car!





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on October 25

Tien was on time, even early, and fixed the problem very fast. He checked the car and made recommendations on items to fix, without putting any pressure. The whole experience was nice and convenient.

on October 20

This was the second time I've worked with Tien and I am happy as ever. I am going to have him look at my other car, and continue having him manage the care and maintenance of both of my somewhat finicky, somewhat old, European cars. He is thorough. Communicative. Flexible. Patient. Honest. And direct. I myself work on cars and know enough to recognize when someone does or does not know what they are doing. This guy most definitely does. Don't let his laid back, reserved manner confuse the issue. A skilled, experienced, grounded and forthcoming professional.



BMW 650i
on December 08

This should have been a very routine appointment, but it ended up taking app. 90 mins before my new headlight was successfully installed. For some reason he had a lot of trouble getting the new one to "fit". Very nice fellow, though, and to be honest I hate not being able to give him a better rating.



BMW 325es
on October 09

Booked Tien 3 times for troubleshooting misfire on engine. He is always on time and provides explanation for everything you ask. Very honest with the answers and will not sugar coat things if he finds a problem. We ended up fixing idle issues, intake leaks, coolant leaks, and did a timing belt/water pump replacement. In summary, you will want to book him for your next appointment if you booked him your first time.

on October 02

He came even earlier than expected. Though O'Reilly got him a wrong part (oil filter) but he drove to pick up and came back and finished the job on time. He also let me know what's recommended



Lexus GS400
on September 28

Thank You Tien For Getting My Baby Back On The Road. Your Super Efficient And Hard Working.... Keep Up The Great Work And I Most Definitely Will Be Using You For Services In The Future

on September 25

Tien was awesome! I booked for a throttle body to be cleaned and replaced transmission fluid after my first appointment said that might be the problem to why my car isn't starting. Found out that one small, rubber thing (size of a thumb) was stuck between the throttle body opening. Picked apart my car to get the intake manifold gasket out because the rubber went inside there. He was determined to get it out and he did. Also, took out my tpms that has been on forever. Overall, great experience with him. Would book him again.



on September 13

Tien notified me that he was running late and when he arrived he immediately worked on the car. He replaced my thermostat, drained the oil and change the oil filter, replaced the oil drain plug and replaced my expansion tank and removed the valve cover to replace the valve cover gasket. We are missing the expansion tank hose. Tien ordered upper radiator and lower radiator hose and asked me schedule another appointment. I scheduled my next appointment hoping all the parts are here next time so Tien can complete the valve cover gasket and continue to troubleshoot the cooling system.

on April 07

Although I wasn't there to oversee the requested work to my vehicle, the points leading up to it were exactly what I expected. Tien gave me a phone call about his arrival as well as possible times if i chose them. (someone had cancelled their appointment prior to mine, which worked out to my benefit.) My car's oil change is in tip top shape as well as my tire rotation. Thanks!



Ford Mustang
on April 04

Town was prompt, courteous, professional, and knowledgable. I was skeptical that I could receive reliable, guaranteed service from a mobile mechanic. I'm still not sure how they did it. I wish everything in life was this easy. Thanks for a great experience.

on April 02

My mechanic Tien Phan was on time and very perfessional. He answer every question I had and was very knowledgeable . He put me at ease because I never used Yourmechanic before and was a little neverous about how it work. I would recommend him to my family and friends.

on April 02

Tien arrived on time and was early he was professional he was good to communicate with he did the job in a sufficient amount of time in less than a hour and I will highly recommend him and use him again. The only thing is I couldn't review my quote in my email afterwards but l called him and he gladly gave me the quote over the phone and explained everything clearly to me. Thanks Tien! ✌😃

on March 30

Was late due to parts not being correct or available at parts location. Not his fault. He had to wait over 90 minutes just to get one of the parts needed ...

on May 29

Tien was so nice and her came early which worked out perfectly fine with my schedule. He did the works in minutes. He very efficient and kind. I will recommend him to all my friends and family.

on March 24

Turned out good. Tien my mechanic came early, and got straight to the job. After checking the oil from the oil change he did, instead of lying and saying that it's good, he saw it was missing 1 more quart. So he called it in, and picked up the extra quart to finish the job. Did the 50 point inspection, told me the 2 extra fluid were low, and finished everything great. Had a good day after that. Thanks Tien

on March 23

Tien was very knowledgeable and very helpful in answering my questions regarding my car. He explain in detail what I needed to do for my transmission. Very nice guy and a good mechanic.



Honda Odyssey
on March 20

Very friendly and knowledgeable; encouraged me to perform simple repairs/replacements myself instead of making me feel like I wouldn't understand my car, and that a mechanic should do every little thing (and charge a lot for easy work). I was very impressed that he went to purchase a tool that he did not have, instead of using a substitute tool that may have caused damage to my car.

on March 19

My first time using this service was on March 11th, my power window motor and regulator went out so I ordered the parts online and booked an appointment to have someone come to my job and install it the mechanic that came out was Tien, he installed the parts that I had ordered online but told me that the part was bent somewhere and wasn’t working properly so I thought to myself here we go, I just wasted my money by having him come out and he can’t install it, but to my surprise, Tien was able to use spacers or something like that so that the window would work properly, he definitely did not have to do that by me ordering the part on my own, he went over and beyond to make sure my window was able to roll up and down and I could close my door, so since I had such a good experience when I received the recommendation via email regarding other service I should have done, and the price that it would cost, and the estimate was very reasonable I booked another appointment, that appointment was yesterday march 18th and that service was also excellent, so I think I’ve found my new mechanic.

on March 17

Tien was great. He listened to what I had to say as far as the symptoms the car was having, rather than shut me out like other mechanics will do. He was very knowledgable and explained very well his diagnostic and most importantly he was able to figure out the issue when other mechanics could not figure it out. I would definitely recommend him!

on May 24

I have raved on Facebook already and made a second appointment with Tien, I like to have a regular mechanic but my street is small and doesn't allow for a tow truck very well. SO if I am broken down I am so calling ya'll again.

on July 07

the problem with my car was intermittent so the first mechanic could not find any codes and could not diagnose the problem for why my car would stall during idle sometimes. Someone online mentioned it could be a dirty fuel filter so I just went ahead and booked an appointment for that, but when Tien got here, the check engine light was on and the car wouldn't start. He was able to get the codes and fix my starting problem, he figured out exactly what was wrong with my car and explained everything for me. He spend a lot of time diagnosing the problem and did not replace the fuel filter because he identified other issues. He was very honest and so hard working. I booked him for my next appointment and am so thankful for this website! Thank you Yourmechanic.com!!!

on March 07

I got a quote for this repair from Nissan which was a whopping $600+. I didn't even think about getting a quote from YourMechanic.com until I received an email for the February 20% offer and got a quote for $335 which became $265! I absolutely love YourMechanic.com and have already recommended you to a friend who said she was going to try YourMechani.com the next time she needs an oil change. For those of us who are very busy and don't really have time to go to an auto shop for maintenance and repairs, this service is great!

on March 07

Tien was very professional in his work and was pleasant. The reason he wasn't on time was because he got caught in traffic, albeit he left earlier than usual according to him.



Subaru Legacy
on February 14

I got a text saying Tien was on his way, so the five minutes he was late due to traffic and a part pick up didn't bother me at all. He did exactly the service I requested, plus an overview of my newly purchased used vehicle, and didn't try to sell me a bunch of extra services. I was given a quote of $171 when I made the appointment, and I was charged exactly $171 when the service was completed. Pep Boys gave me an estimate for the same service of c "$325, minimum" just last week! Tien did find an additional issue I need to take a look at, and gave me a reasonable explanation with pictures showing the area that needed attention. i'll be booking the service for that in a couple weeks. The ease of making an appointment and paying online, the convenience of them coming to me, the integrity of their quote being the actual price, and the thorough service provided will keep me coming back (and recommending to my friends) for all my maintenance and service needs!

on February 11

I was very pleased with the service, and the ease in making the appointment. I had to call and change my payment method and that was handled easily also. Thank you for exceptional service.

on May 12

I was at first hesitant about using your service. After having the experience with Tien working on my car, I am convinced that your service is well worth the money and convenience. Great work!

on May 10

Tien went out of his way to work me into his schedule for a last minute pre-purchase inspection on a used car I had to act fast to buy. He arrived when promised, was professional, friendly, thorough and gave me the glowing report to buy and love my new Prius with peace of mind!

on November 02

After years of poor experiences at dealerships, having Tien visit my home and repair my car while I watched was a treat. He explained what he was doing, answered questions, and kept working with obvious familiarity with my vehicle and the work he was performing. It was a great experience and one I plan to repeat.

on November 04

Great experience, never thought it would be comforting having your vehicle being treated well. He gives you piece of mind assuring you can drive the vehicle.

on January 28

Tien arrived early for my appointment and was very helpful. He tried to diagnose the problem but unfortunately the car kept starting fine which prevented him from doing so. He checked all the wiring to see if anything was loose and checked the distributor. He also mentioned from his experience it could be the ignition module or crank sensor. Overall I would recommend him to others and call him again with any future issues.

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