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Car Fuse Box Replacement Service

What is the Fuse Box all about?

There are two fuse boxes in modern cars and trucks. One is located by the left kick panel on the driver's side of the car. The other is located in a large carrier box near the battery. The in-car fuse box holds the fuses relating to the accessories and in-cabin circuits. The under hood fuse box holds the fuses responsible for the vehicle's high-voltage circuits within the entire electrical system.

Keep in mind:

  • The fuse boxes normally require only minimal regular maintenance.
  • You should never need to access either fuse box unless a circuit fails suddenly.

How it's done:

  • The vehicle battery is disconnected and the fuse box cover is removed
  • The fuse box is removed and all the fuses and relays are removed
  • The new fuse box is installed and the fuses and relays are installed
  • The battery is reconnected and the fuse box cover is installed
  • The vehicle systems are tested for proper operation

Our recommendation:

Both fuse boxes should receive minimal, regular maintenance. Regular maintenance of the under hood fuse box includes cleaning it of debris and other detritus. Left uncleaned, it might be difficult to access the under hood fuse box, as the built-up debris may impede access to the to the fuse box cover clips. The debris might fall inside the under hood fuse box, causing damage. Regular maintenance is also needed to ensure that fuse box cover clips function correctly. The driver-side fuse box should be opened occasionally to ensure that the locking mechanism remains in shape. An additional suggestion would be to use a rubber-protectant such as ArmorAll to keep each fuse box enclosure in good condition.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Fuse Box?

  • Fuses that are loose
  • Fuses that don't seat properly
  • Fuses that fail unexpectedly
  • Fuses that seem to fail prematurely
  • Water stains that indicate leakage
  • Fuse box terminals with broken wires
  • Fuse box terminals with bare wires

How important is this service?

With normal maintenance, the fuse box will easily last the life of the car or truck. If your fuse box fails, your car will likely not start. The trouble might lie within the sophisticated computers, control modules, or sensors that compose of modern vehicles’ electronics package. Alternatively, the trouble may lie in the ignition, starter, alternator, or charger. The potential fallout of a failed fused box is huge. For example, the ignition keys in today's car or truck are parts of the anti-theft system. The keys contain computer chip/radios that send out special codes that must be received by the receiving system (called the transponder) on the ignition side. If the codes do not match or if the codes are not exchanged, which will happen when the fuse box fails, then the car or truck will not start. The fuse box is the master control system of the car and its ability to function properly is crucial.

Fast and easy Car Fuse Box Replacement service at your home or office.

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