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Key Fob Battery Replacement Service

What is the Key Fob Battery all about?

In the past, all you needed to get into your car was a key. While keys still play a role, many newer vehicles come with a key and a fob, while others use a fob only (with a mock key designed to get you in the door in an emergency, but one that won’t actually crank the car). Key fobs also control other functions including remote entry to remote start/stop functionality.

Your key fob is powered by a battery, which will eventually die out and need to be replaced. Without a working battery, you’ll find your remote is useless, and that you may not even be able to crank the car depending on the type of fob in question.

Keep in mind:

  • Key fob battery replacement can be difficult as many fobs are very hard to open.
  • Depending on the fob, you may need a specialty battery only available from a dealership or a mechanic shop.

How it's done:

  • The key fob is verified to see if it needs a battery replacement
  • The key fob battery cover is opened and the battery is removed
  • A new battery is installed in the key fob and the cover is installed
  • The key fob is verified that it works to lock and unlock the vehicle
  • The key is tested to check that it starts the vehicle and works on all of its control functions

Our recommendation:

Let our expert mechanics handle your key fob battery replacement. Trying to open the fob without the right tools and knowledge can result in damage to the fob, rendering it inoperable. They are expensive to replace. It’s possible the key will need to be reprogrammed, which can only be done with a computer by one of our expert technicians.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Key Fob Battery?

  • Reduction in remote lock/unlock range
  • Intermittent operation
  • Key fob remote completely inoperable

How important is this service?

Depending on your vehicle and the type of key fob in use, this might be little more than an inconvenience. Without a functional remote, you’ll be unable to lock or unlock your car except with your key, and you’ll also notice problems with the onboard anti-theft system (which is tied into the remote). You may also have to open the rear glass, lift gate or trunk manually without a functional remote.

Fast and easy Key Fob Battery Replacement service at your home or office.

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