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AC High Pressure Switch Replacement Service

What is the AC High Pressure Switch all about?

There are two sides to your car’s air conditioning system – the high pressure side and the low pressure side. Both sides are connected to the compressor, and both sides have pressure switches that act as safeties if something goes wrong. In the event of a pressure-related issue on the high side, the AC high pressure switch trips, which effectively turns off the system. This is supposed to help prevent damage to other components.

There are many different conditions that can mimic AC high pressure switch failure or tripping, and it requires an experienced automotive mechanic to determine the underlying cause. If the high pressure switch does trip, the system will not work until the problem has been rectified, or the switch replaced if it is faulty.

Keep in mind:

  • AC high pressure switches are generally not inspected even during AC system maintenance unless there’s a problem.
  • AC high pressure switch and low pressure switch replacement should only be undertaken by an experienced mechanic with automotive HVAC system training.

Our recommendation:

The AC high pressure switch is a safeguard against pressure spikes inside the high pressure side of the system. If the switch trips, the air conditioner will not operate. The underlying problem must be repaired in order to put the AC back into operating condition. If your AC high pressure switch is faulty or you suspect a problem with the AC system, have one of our expert mechanics check and repair it.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the AC High Pressure Switch?

  • AC system is inoperable
  • AC compressor will not engage

How important is this service?

The air conditioning system isn’t required in order to drive your vehicle, and depending on the outside temperatures, repairing the system may not be a high priority.

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