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Timing Mark Adjuster Replacement Service

What is the Timing Mark Adjuster all about?

To put it simply, the timing mark on your car refers to when your engine creates an ignition spark relative to the pistons’ movements. Generally, they are found on older vehicles with four-stroke engine; newer ones use crank sensors. Timing marks will need to be adjusted from time to time so that your engine’s sparks fire off at the optimal time, ensuring the best possible performance.

Keep in mind:

  • If your car has an electronic ignition (as in most newer models), this isn’t a service you’ll need.

Our recommendation:

Incorrect ignition timing can affect everything from accurate acceleration to proper fuel consumption, but engine timing is not routinely checked during scheduled maintenance. If you are experiencing the symptoms above, have your car inspected and your timing mark adjuster replaced if it's found to be faulty.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Timing Mark Adjuster?

  • Pinging noise when car is running
  • Engine is backfiring
  • Car is running too lean or too rich
  • Uncommon noises, especially on older cars, may indicate more than just one problem (e.g., your ignition’s timing is off and one of the pistons has a problem)

How important is this service?

When you consider how important spark plugs are to your car's operation—firing over and over to keep your car moving—the timing behind this ignition system is extremely important. Don't delay getting your timing mark adjuster replaced if it's deemed faulty following a professional diagnosis.

Fast and easy Timing Mark Adjuster Replacement service at your home or office.

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