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Spark Plug Tubes Replacement Service

What is the Spark Plug Tubes all about?

Some vehicles are equipped with spark plugs that enter the cylinder through the valve cover. When the spark plug is mounted this way, it needs to be sealed against the oil from the valve cover contaminating it. A spark plug tube is threaded into the cylinder head and a seal prevents oil under the valve cover from accessing the spark plug. The spark plug tube is not disturbed easily, though the seal can deteriorate and begin to leak. If oil from the valve cover enters the spark plug tube, it will cause the spark plug to misfire, contaminate the spark plug boot from the ignition coil, and rob the engine of power.

Keep in mind:

  • Oil is as much a problem for spark plugs as extreme temperatures and aging.
  • Spark plug tubes should be replaced any time valve cover or cylinder head repairs are performed.

Our recommendation:

There is no recommended schedule to replace your spark plug tubes, though it is recommended to replace them whenever valve cover or cylinder head work is performed. If you have oil in your spark plug tubes or detect related symptoms, have one of our expert mechanics diagnose and replace the spark plug tubes if required.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Spark Plug Tubes?

  • Engine misfire or the engine won’t start
  • Oil surrounding the spark plugs in the tubes
  • Check Engine light is on

How important is this service?

The spark plug tubes are quite important for proper engine operation. Your safety isn’t going to be compromised unless your engine stalls in traffic, though a misfire can be annoying. Have the spark plug tubes replaced as soon as you are able to.

Fast and easy Spark Plug Tubes Replacement service at your home or office.

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