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Hydrostatic Fan & Hub Replacement Service

What is the Hydrostatic Fan & Hub all about?

Your car’s engine needs to be cooled in order to work. In a mechanical cooling system, the cooling fan is driven by the same belt that activates the water pump. With an automatic cooling system (also known as a thermal system), hydraulic devices vary the speed of the fan in relation to the temperature of the engine. A “high delivery” fan delivers cooling to the engine at reduced speeds, eliminates over-cooling, lowers the noise level, and prevents loss of power at high speeds. With this type of system, the whole assembly is known as the hydrostatic fan and hub.

The automatic fan clutch fully engages when the hydraulic fluid reaches a high enough level to fill the clutch body and clutch plate grooves; this process cools the engine. When the engine is sufficiently cooled, the fan clutch disengages and blocks the flow of the fluid.

Keep in mind:

  • Hydrostatic fan and hub replacement is not included in your routine maintenance.
  • If your engine overheats because of problems with this assembly, you could end up with costly repairs.
  • Your engine needs to run at the proper temperature in order to work effectively.

Our recommendation:

If your engine is overheating, the problem could be in the hydrostatic fan and hub. It may also be due to various other problems. If you have persistent overheating problems, have one of our expert mechanics diagnose the problem and determine whether the problem is with the fan and hub, or if it lies elsewhere.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Hydrostatic Fan & Hub?

  • Excessive fan noise on startup
  • Movement in the fan blade
  • Excessive fluid leak

How important is this service?

If there are problems with your cooling system, you should immediately have your vehicle inspected by one of our expert mechanics. If your engine overheats even once, you can end up with damaged valves, broken cylinder heads, or a cracked engine block that will entail full engine replacement. If the hydrostatic fan and hub is faulty, have it replaced immediately.

Fast and easy Hydrostatic Fan & Hub Replacement service at your home or office.

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