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Camshaft Chain Replacement Service

What is the Camshaft Chain all about?

Some cars have interference engines that include overhead valves and two or double overhead camshafts, also known as DOHC. The two camshafts are located on the top of the engine and have four valves for every cylinder. One of the camshafts works with the air intake valves on one side of the engine, while the other runs the exhaust valves on the other side. Both camshafts must work in complete synchronization so that the engine receives the optimum oxygen-rich air it needs to burn fuel efficiently.

The camshaft chain (not to be confused with the timing chain or timing belt) is a small chain that connects the two camshafts and ensures both are working correctly. The double camshafts together with the camshaft chain contribute to the engine performing efficiently and smoothly.

Keep in mind:

  • The interference engine design is such that the valves and pistons of the engine occupy the same area at various times while it is working.
  • If the camshaft chain wears down and does not function properly, the valves may stop working but the pistons may not stop right away.
  • The pistons may rise into the valves and damage or completely destroy them, resulting in severe damage to the entire engine head assembly.

Our recommendation:

The camshaft chain is part of a complex design. Since there are no warning signs of it wearing out, it is advisable to follow the owner's manual strictly. Make sure you book an appointment with one of our expert mechanics and have him/her inspect and replace the camshaft chain at the recommended intervals.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Camshaft Chain?

  • Engine timing is off
  • Engine runs poorly or not at all
  • Loud rattling noise under the hood

How important is this service?

Not replacing the camshaft chain per your manufacturer’s instructions can result in expensive damage to the vital components of the engine.

Fast and easy Camshaft Chain Replacement service at your home or office.

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