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Ignition Lock Assembly Replacement Service

What is the Ignition Lock Assembly all about?

The ignition lock assembly requires a key be inserted to start the engine. It is essentially a security device that prevents the vehicle from being started without a key. The ignition lock assembly also acts as a switch to turn on and shut off the engine, interior functions, and the lights. Inside the ignition assembly are pins and tumblers that ensure only the correct key will be able to start the vehicle. If those tumblers are worn out or sticking, the ignition lock assembly may not turn even with the correct key inserted. If the key or another foreign object breaks off in the ignition, the key will not be able to be inserted all the way and won’t turn. Sometimes, the ignition lock assembly may stick in the ‘on’ or ‘run’ position, and the ignition won’t be able to turn all the way off.

Keep in mind:

  • Some keys only fit in the ignition one way. Flip the key over and try it again before replacing the ignition lock assembly.
  • The steering lock may not allow the key to turn in the ignition. If the steering lock is engaged, try pulling on the steering wheel either way while wiggling the key in the ignition.

How it's done:

  • The battery is disconnected
  • The old ignition lock assembly is removed
  • The new ignition lock assembly is installed
  • The vehicle battery is reconnected
  • The vehicle ignition lock assembly is checked for proper operation

Our recommendation:

If the ignition key becomes difficult to turn or sticks, the key is cracked, or if the key will not turn all the way back to the ‘off’ position, it may be time to replace your ignition lock assembly.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Ignition Lock Assembly?

  • Ignition key will not turn in the ignition assembly
  • Key is stuck in the ignition
  • Engine will not turn off
  • Ignition key is cracked due to being turned in a stiff assembly.
  • Key is broken in the ignition lock assembly.

How important is this service?

If the ignition lock assembly will not turn and your vehicle will not start, you can be left stranded waiting for a tow and a cab. If the ignition assembly is stuck in the "on" position, your vehicle can be left vulnerable to theft with the keys stuck inside. Replace the ignition assembly when symptoms begin.

Fast and easy Ignition Lock Assembly Replacement service at your home or office.

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