39 years of experience
Phoenix, AZ

I'm an ASE automotive technician with advanced level L1 certification. I have over 35 years of experience which began with GM in London, England. I've worked in GM dealerships in the U.S as well as independent shops. I have Bosch factory training. Also completed Hybrid training school. Completed five year apprenticeship. Graduated with honors in four 1/2 years. Core values: -Never recommend items that are not needed. -Prioritize repairs based on safety items first. -Always address your primary concern. -Punctuality. -Open and Honest. Repairing vehicles has always been my hobby which intern becomes my job. Luckily for me I enjoy my job a lot. My job satisfaction comes from knowing that when a customer drives their car and it performs as it should I have made a difference. I look forward to helping you with your vehicle repairs and service.





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on September 22

I am trying to send this review with 5 starts for Peter, who is definitely quite an expert, knowledgeable, courteous and competent. He explained to me what else I would need sometime in the future. Thank you Peter Beverly Mansfield



Pontiac Grand Prix
on September 21

Peter is my hero. He showed up at 12:00 the appointment was not until 1:30 a whole hour and thirty minutes before he had to be here,,, Who does that now a days? He knocked on my door and when I opened the door he had the brightest friendliest smile that once again put me at ease and knew it would all be all right. Peter was flawless and so profesional I will always recommend his service. I could not be more happy today MY MECHANIC is a company that has my loyalty they took care of us as promised and are also trustworthy. I did nothing special but talk to their people and right away they kept to everything they told me they would do, if that was to give us a call back to let us know we were not forgotten. Thank you and I will be singing your praises. And Peter a Special Thank you for being yourself I know who to call from now on. You guys have made me feel not everyone is out there to rip you off and some company's and their employee's are worth an excellent review.

on September 14

Being in the A/C business myself for over 30 years had a lot of knowledge myself so it was easy to know Peter had a wealth of knowledge. So most people unless they had at least some knowledge of the field would have trouble knowing if a person really knew what he was talking about, but since my past was in the same field you can be assured he impressed me.


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Toyota Sequoia
on September 12

Peter was awesome! Very helpful, honest, great at what he does.....all the things you would want in a mechanic! I can't recommend him highly enough. I will book Peter for all my car repairs.

on September 06

Peter was awesome. Showed up to the appointment well ahead of time, due to the job taking possibly longer than quoted by the system.. Very professional even took the time to look at a miss fire of my engine. Will definitely pass the word about his service and will always try to book with him myself.

on September 08

Peter is Friendly, knowledgeable, punctual, and professional! I would definitely trust him to work on my vehicles and recommend him to others!

on August 24

Peter is a great example of a good mechanic and he was very friendly. I was told that he is the best mechanic in my area and I agree 100 percent. I would recommend him and would use his service again.



Lexus ES330
on August 23

Another outstanding experience with Peter and YourMechanic. As recommended by Peter from a prior appointment, I needed to have my brakes serviced to include rotor and pad replacement. I was also experiencing a significant shake in the steering wheel under braking, and Peter diagnosed this was the probable solution. Unbeknownst to Peter while I was waiting for parts and an appointment that fit (I will only see Peter now for my Lexus), I had an emergency engine issue that had to be addressed immediately at the dealer so I could continue to drive the car. Point being after they remedied a minor air intake boot issue, they also observed the brakes confirming peters recommendation. I had another issue with my OEM Lexus brake rotors prematurely warping. One of the Lexus owner boards recommended aftermarket EBC brakes and green pads which are supposed to be a direct replacement for OEM. I purchased then and had them here for Peters arrival. He brought all the required Lexus OEM parts in case the aftermarket parts didn't work probably. He was pleased to try the EBC aftermarket brakes first and he stated the install was straightforward. He will return the Lexus brakes for a refund and didn't charge me for them just for the labor, Brake Cleaner, and fluid. A fraction of the price of what the Lexuse dealer would have charged with now upgraded rotors and pats that should perform better and last longer then OEM. Also Peter found some seized parts in the caliper he took apart, cleaned, and lubricated. These are the probable cause of the premature rotor wear. Peter is the epitome of a consummate professional. Always pleasant, friendly, and loves his job. He is a master technician experienced and customer care and service driven. I can't recommend him highly enough. Have already used for the other vehicles in my family and referred to friends and family. Thanks



Jaguar X-Type
on August 19

Peter was great. Explained everything to me in great detail was organized and super knowledgable. I will be using him again for any repairs on my vehicle and will be referring him to everyone I know.

on August 18

Very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining issues to those of us that are not mechanically inclined. Very pleased with how punctual Peter was today. I look forward to booking Peter again in the next few weeks. AAAAA. Cheers. Phillip.



Chrysler 300
on August 18

Peter was excellent and he was very knowledgeable. He explained the reason for certain parts breaking down/messing up so i had a better understanding.

on August 15

Peter is excellent as a true professional. His demeanor, his work ethic, his personal attention to detail, his skill and experience are all collectively contributory to a job well done!



Dodge Ram 1500
on August 08

Mr. Pryke is a "fine-tuned product of Consistency". Always early to appointment, very personable & professional, and then: you get to witness the work ethic, knowledge and experience. Being qualified to say so: "as he approaches the starting edge of entry into "old man status"--he's still "got it"........



Lexus LS400
on August 11

Another outstanding service by Pete. Replaced timing Belt, water pump, tensioner and pulleys. Wish I had such a high caliber mechanic all my life.



Lexus ES330
on August 02

Outstanding! Was sceptical and hesitant to use this service, I'm just accustomed to the inconvenience of taking my car to a brick and mortar shop. Never again if it can be avoided. Peter was the consummate experienced professional. Not only was the problem exactly as he expected, the repair was less than the quote- which was already significantly less expensive than my past experience with traditional shops. I am overjoyed at the convenience of this service and I will definitely use again. Highly recommended, and Peter was phenomenal.



Volvo S60
on August 02

Peter is so knowledgeable and was extremely helpful fixing up my favorite vehicle that has been disabled for almost two years. I have already recommended this service to my family and will likely use Pete in the future for almost any repair I need to my vehicle. Thank you Pete!

on July 29

He is very professional and always on time. The quote that I have from my mechanic website had few extra parts and while working it was discovered that they are not needed at all. He was very quick to adjust the quote based on Actual work that he did.

on July 27

Outstanding mechanic. Extremely knowledgeable, highly professional, very personable. If I had a personal fleet of cars, I would hire Pete to be the full time marchanic. He's that good.

on July 15

Very happy with the work Peter did on my Jeep Wrangler. He checked it over very closely and found no issues. I would recommend Peter for all you vehicle needs.

on July 21

Just like my first experience, everything went great! He even phoned ahead and asked if he could come by earlier than scheduled.. That is awesome!

on July 16

I am not a person who goes to websites and do reviews and trust me when i say this, Its the way Peter did his work forced me to come back online and write this review. He is one Gem of a person and a very good and honest Mechanic. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs any help with his car. Thanks Peter !!



Saturn Vue
on July 12

Peter was sent out to my location after another service tech had started a job but became ill during the repair and had to leave. Peter was able to resolve the issue that the other technician was unable to fix after a short period of time. After the repair had been completed, Peter was doing a check on all of the systems to make sure everything was running correctly and noticed that the AC wasn't blowing cold. After a small inspection he was able to find that the first technician had crushed a connector to the AC unit. He immediately got on the phone with the office and attempted to locate the PC needed. He returned less than 2 hours later and spent a good deal of time repairing that piece. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who is looking for an honest, reliable, timely repairman



Ford F-150
on July 16

Mr. Peter is awsome!! He is very knowledgebl and he makes it easy to understand what he is talking about with verbiage that the non mechanic can understand . His personal skills makes you feel at ease. I have had several inter actions with him and I will recommend him to anyone that is having car issues. I will continue to use this service for any of my mechanical needs because it is that good!!!!

on September 10

excellent service from peter. we have used him various times and he is honest, professional and very good.

on August 02

Peter gave me a great diagnostic on my car. He was very honest with repairs and I would love to use him for my repairs in the future.

on July 31

Mr. Pryke, for some two years now, continues to be the "most all-around Professional (in his craft) that I have ever experienced".



Dodge Durango
on June 28

Thank you, Peter! Prompt, efficient and took time to explain everything. I'll recommend Peter and YourMechanic to anyone who needs work done to their vehicle!



BMW 750Li
on June 27

Anybody who knows me, knows I'm frugal...(not cheap)! So my water pump goes out in my BMW 750LI. I call Chapman BMW who wants $1,330 to fix it. Scottsdale BMW wants $1,360 to fix it. I went to where they came to my home, fixed it in my garage, cleaned everything up and did it for $465. So I SAVED about $900 and got a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE helping my friends SAVE 馃挼馃挼馃挼When you need CAR WORK DONE, check out and if you're in Phoenix, ask for Peter! Incredible guy!

on June 26

Peter did a great job to determine the problem with the ac system and even had the part that needed to be replaced. This appointment was originally just a diagnostic visit but he ended up being able to make the fix. He showed up early and, as always, explained everything as he was trying to determine the problem. Peter is a great guy and the best mechanic who has ever worked on my car.

on June 29

Peter was great!! He arrived a bit early and was finished in no time. While he was here he answered all my automotive questions and for that I am grateful. I would without hesitation recommend Peter for any automotive repair need.

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