39 years of experience
Phoenix, AZ

I'm an ASE automotive technician with advanced level L1 certification. I have over 35 years of experience which began with GM in London, England. I've worked in GM dealerships in the U.S as well as independent shops. I have Bosch factory training. Also completed Hybrid training school. Completed five year apprenticeship. Graduated with honors in four 1/2 years. Core values: -Never recommend items that are not needed. -Prioritize repairs based on safety items first. -Always address your primary concern. -Punctuality. -Open and Honest. Repairing vehicles has always been my hobby which intern becomes my job. Luckily for me I enjoy my job a lot. My job satisfaction comes from knowing that when a customer drives their car and it performs as it should I have made a difference. I look forward to helping you with your vehicle repairs and service.





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on March 25

Peter is always kind and understand and performs a very clean job, never know that he was her working on a vehicle.

on March 25

Peter did an awesome job. Took his time to do the work and he explained everything he was doing. I would recommend Peter anytime. Keep up the good work Peter!!!!!

on March 22

Peter was amazing. Needed extra parts and work beyond what I thought and was more than accommodating. Was able to get the parts and update my account. Car is running great. Highly recommend!

on March 11

Pete is the best, as he has been every time I have used him. Pete really understands diesels, and if possible I will always use him when and where I can. Keep up the good work Pete!

on March 09

Peter came out and introduced himself, and gave me a business card. He explained what he was there to do. I let him do his thing, and about an hour later he rang my doorbell and let me know he was finished. I was very pleased with Peter's work. We briefly talked afterwards about my vehicle. I thanked him, and he left. I hope he comes out again with my next appointment that I will be making very soon.

on March 09

Amazingly knowledgeable and thorough. I had a 'check engine' problem. Peter spent time to identify the source of the problem instead of just replacing the front O2 sensor which the DTC code was indicating. Turned out it was a short in the rear O2 sensor causing the problem and once that was replaced the car ran fine. Another problem I had was the remote trunk release was not working. Again, Peter quickly identified a broken wire in the harness and rejoined it to fix the problem. I will definitely ask for Peter next time I need a mechanic.

on March 08

I couldn't have been more pleased with Peter's work. He was very professional, very knowledgeable, and nothing seemed like too much trouble for him to do. The work was completed on time and at the price quoted. He made the entire car repair process as painless as possible!! I am looking forward to working with him again in the future.

on March 01

My experience with Peter was awesome. He explained to me every detail that my car had. Very honest,courtesy,professional and even came early than expected. Last but not least they come to you!!! Thank you Peter!!! THE BEST!!!



BMW 745Li
on March 03

thank U Peter for the best service and car repair. My BMW is driving like on a cloud, again thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! appreciate your service Linda H



Ford Escape
on February 24

First & foremost, Peter was on even a little early. That in itself started us out on the right foot. I could see his van coming on my smart phone, isn't technology great. He was pleasant to talk with & he listened to me while we were just chit chatting. He picked up some other things I needed done, hence he he's give new me a quote to do the work. I would recommend Peter to any one of my friends. You folks understand that service is your most important product. Thank you so much Peter.


  • Crossover Pipe Gasket & O...


BMW 740iL
on February 23

We are done! I purchased this vehicle almost a year ago, with no viable service records. Peter was able to diagnose, and fix all of the problems that arose, as well as help to solve anything that may have arisen immediately. The care is running smoothly, and without issue, and I feel confident that I will be set for a good while. Thank you for a great service, convenience, and professionalism, showing up early, finishing on time, and being honest throughout the entire process.



Jaguar XF
on March 06

Peter is very competent and doesn't try to sell unnecessary services. He is calm in a reassuring kind of way and very friendly to deal with.

on February 21

Peter as always, was professional, arrived early, and began work immediately. Although there were parts unavailable at the time of appointment due to reasons beyond control, Peter was able to do a considerable amount of preparation work, location of alternative problems previously discussed, and put together a plan of action to be completed This wednesday, at the next appointment.



Ford F-350
on February 15

Peter is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He is meticulous in his workmanship, making sure that nothing is missed and everything is the way it should be. Peter's interactions are honest and sincere. He is by far the best service technician that I have encountered. I highly recommend his services to anybody who needs repair work done to their vehicles.

on February 14

I have had Peter work on several different cars and his knowledge on each was extensive. He identified the problems and had them repair extremely fast. Best mechanic I have found.

on February 11

Prompt, gave great explanations and went out of his way to make sure we did not replace an unneeded parts. even though we did not need it, when the power steering pump hadn't shipped to him in time, he went and checked two supplies to get the pat before he arrived. He made sure the area was clean before he left, and caught as much with his drip pan as possible.. Best experience I've had with a mechanic. Thanks Peter!



Kia Spectra
on February 03

5 stars always .. This is the 3rd time Peter has\have worked on my car and each time it has been perfect. He is the only person that will work on my car ... It's an 05 Kia Spectra5 I plan on keeping it till the wheels fall off or Peter retires ,,, Thanks Peter

on January 26

Peter came to my work for an oil change. He was early to the appointment and completed the work in a timely fashion. I have been booking Peter for my other car and he always does a fantastic job.

on January 23

Great experience with Peter. After several misdiagnoses by repair shops and other private mechanics, Pete was able to determine the actual issue with my vehicle. He was very courteous and knowledgeable. It is obvious he knows what he is talking about. I would not hesitate to book him again. Never been happier after getting a car worked on. Highly recommend, thank you so much!

on January 20

Peter is very accomodating, and courteous. I had to work, and had someone available to be there when he came. Peter was able to get the job done in surprising time, and cleaned after himself. The old parts were left to ensure the quality of his work, and that the repairs done were necessary. I didn't have to ask for them, even though I truly believe in the quality of his work. Peter was even able to work with the service to get better pricing on a particular part, which improved the pricing of the overall bill.. The car was test driven for accuracy, and Peter's seal of approval before completion. I am thoroughly satisfied with the work that Peter did, and the service overall. I have been telling others about the work, and can say, "I got a guy" when it comes to keeping my vehicle in good working order...

on January 18

Peter has worked on my car many times. My car is getting old and it's time to do a lot of work on it. Peter is always kind and professional. I highly recommend him for any work you need on your car.

on January 14

Very happy with Peter. He didn't just go ahead with what was scheduled, when he noticed something else more serious. He did a thorough check engine light diagnosis and gave us a new estimate, showing me everything and explaining it so even I could understand. By doing this he saved us a bunch of money because the labor for today's job is included in the more serious job that is needed.

on February 16

He helped me understand the problem, answered the questions I had, showed me what was wrong, and offered me only what I needed!



BMW 740iL
on January 09

Peter was early as indicated on most of his other reviews, and professional. Took the time to explain everything out as he worked, and was able to diagnose the main issue, although I have to schedule that repair for another day. We got plenty of other work done, and in shorter time than was originally booked. He was also able to discuss upcoming work needed for maintaining a healthy car. I will be booking him again for the other issue as soon as the quote comes back. My mail carrier saw what was happening, and asked for a business card, already beginning the referrals!


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Toyota Corolla
on March 10

I have booked Peter half a dozen times. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone.



Honda CR-V
on January 08

Peter changed out the knock sensor on my crv. Turns out the one he replaced it with might also be faulty but Peter is working with me and the YourMechanic office to get a Honda made sensor instead. Peter is great at taking care of his customers and he always puts his customers best interest first.

on February 08

Excellent technician and diagnostician! Honest and clear spoken. A great person and I will have him always work on my vehicles

on February 15

Totally Knowledgeable of what I needed and more. Helped me look ahead for upcoming needs. Very friendly and courtious.



Nissan Versa
on January 04

Peter came out to us and was just amazing. He was patient with us even when we selected the wrong size for the starter that was dead, and helped us every step of the way. He was happy to explain what our car needed and what he was doing, and had wonderful recommendations for us to keep it in good working order.

on February 22

Peter is amazing came on time did a great job very competitive pricing. I have recommended him to all my friends."

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