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Water Pump Belt Replacement Service

What is the Water Pump Belt all about?

Little noticed, the water pump belt spins quietly at the front of the engine, turning the vanes of the water pump. In turn, water is pushed through the engine block and its cooling galleries, carrying away heat and cooling the engine. The water pump belt may be driven by the timing belt, and its function may also be included as part of an engine's serpentine drive belt.

Keep in mind:

  • The water pump belt can last for 100,000 miles with proper maintenance.
  • Upon belt replacement, replacing the water pump is prudent because the pump itself will wear over time.

How it's done:

  • The water pump belt tensioner screw is loosened and the belt tension slackened
  • The old Water Pump Belt is removed
  • The new water pump belt is installed onto pulleys
  • The water pump belt slack is removed until the belt is tight and the tensioner screw is tightened
  • The vehicle is started brought to a normal operating temperature to verify circulation of coolant

Our recommendation:

The water pump belt, which might be serpentine and wrap around and drive several devices, is very robust. With normal maintenance, the water pump belt should last for 100,000. The belt should be changed if there are cracks, shiny spots, or if your car's cooling becomes erratic. Please note that the water pump belt function may be included as part of a serpentine belt function for your car.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Water Pump Belt?

  • Cracks on the belt
  • Shiny or worn spots on the belt
  • Poor or erratic cooling which might indicate belt slippage

How important is this service?

The water pump belt or drive belt for the water pump, whether it is serpentine or standalone, keeps a very important piece of your engine working, the water pump. Without the water pump, your engine coolant would quickly evaporate as the engine begins to overheat, leaving you with a seized engine. Listen for any unusual sounds, such as whining and grinding, from the area of the water pump. If you hear them, then it is likely the water pump should be replaced. If you replace the water pump, the belt should be replaced as well.

Fast and easy Water Pump Belt Replacement service at your home or office.

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