Q: Skoda/VW Intermittent power loss and RPM shooting high - If clutch then how its coming up Just after Car Servicing

asked by on January 17, 2018

My question : Why it came up just after the service, and its still there even after driving 400 miles.Can it be a clogged TB/catalytic conv ? Can it be a vacuum leak ?I own a Skoda Rapid (MT) petrol, 2013 model, 40000 kms done. Recently I got it serviced at a 3rd party service centre and as part of general service, the engine oil, air filter, fuel filter and transmission fluid was changed. All these consumables were bought by me, including the top quality Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 engine oil. Before the service, my car acceleration and pickup everything was perfect and I didn't feel any lag. Just after the service, I felt that my car loses power after gear shift for a moment, in second gears, I have to accelerate a little bit on the speed breakers unlike before, and the rpm is going higher so soon that I need to change gear sooner. Earlier I used to go 80+ or even 100kmph on 4th gear, but now since rpm touch redline, I will have to shift to higher gear.

My car has 8 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

If the symptoms you describe started literally the instant you drove away from the repair facility (as opposed to commencing even a day later) then the likelihood is an electrical connector, or vacuum line, was disturbed during the service or some other "mistake" was made, yet to be determined. If there was a lag between the service and the onset though, then the fault you are now having is probably just a coincidence (of course, even the first scenario could be a coincidence but it is not "likely"). To resolve the first scenario, the work performed will have to be re-visited to find any faults. In the second scenario, a diagnostic would have to be performed to find the cause. A recommended service would be an engine loss of power diagnostic. To give you an initial idea, although there are many possibilities, a partial list of causes of loss of power would include oxygen sensors, fuel pump and/or filter, vacuum leaks, ignition system malfunctions, bad valve timing if the timing belt or chain is worn or skipped, blocked exhaust (e.g., catalytic converter fails or becomes clogged), airflow sensor, throttle position sensor, and so forth. Whatever the cause, if you request the engine loss of power diagnostic, the certified mechanic will get this resolved. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.,

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