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Wipers do not shut off Inspection Service & Cost

When you cannot shut your windshield wipers off without stopping your vehicle altogether, it presents an unusual problem that is both annoying and potentially harmful to your wiper system. Allowing your wipers to run when there is no precipitation can be distracting, potentially increasing the risk of an accident with your focus being on the windshield instead of the road.

Additionally, running the wipers without moisture on the glass creates friction and resistance that can wear down the motor, tear the wiper blades, or compromise other parts of the system.

How this system works:

Fortunately, there are only a few components to your windshield wiper system, limiting the amount of things that could be wrong. The system receives power via wiring that is regulated by a fuse, engaging the wiper motor when the switch is engaged. A series of linked arms connected to your windshield wiper blades convert the circular motion produced by the motor into the back-and-forth arced movement with which you are familiar.

Common reasons for this to happen:

  • Broken windshield wiper controls: The switch you use to operate the wiper motor gets a lot of use and can fail internally causing the wiper motor to operate continuously regardless of what setting you select.

  • Faulty park switch: Inside the wiper motor is a park switch. If this switch goes bad, then an electric current will go through your windshield wiper system even when it is turned off. If the park switch is the culprit of your problem, then your wipers could even continue to run when your vehicle is turned off, pulling power from your battery.

  • Bad wiring: A loose wire or bad connection could also cause your windshield wipers to continue to run even when they are turned off. A mechanic with the proper diagnostic tools can easily check the wiring and locate any issues.

What to expect:

A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine why your windshield wipers will not shut off. This may require disassembling parts of your wiper system and testing the wiring.

After the inspection, the mechanic will provide a detailed report that describes the source and cause of the issue preventing the wipers from shutting off, along with the scope and cost of the necessary repairs.

How important is this service?

Aside from the fact that the motion and noise of windshield wipers operating when it’s unnecessary can be annoying as you drive in clear weather, allowing them to operate without moisture on the window creates undo stress on the system as a whole. This risks damage to other parts of the wiper system beyond what is causing them to continue running. Such stress could lead to torn wiper blades or a burned-out motor. Have the faulty wiper system checked out by a professional as soon as possible to avoid costlier repairs later on.

Fast and easy Wipers do not shut off Inspection service at your home or office.

Backed by 12-month, 12,000-mile guarantee

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