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Car Door Lock Cylinder Replacement Service

What is the Door Lock Cylinder all about?

A door lock cylinder is a cylindrical tumbler that fits a matching key. Cars have at least two door lock cylinders (driver and passenger doors). Since they are used daily, they will eventually wear out and fail, requiring replacement.

BMW Door Lock Replacement

Keep in mind:

  • If one door fails to open via the key, the door lock cylinder is likely to blame; if all of the doors fail to open via the key, the key is probably the issue.

How it's done:

  • The door panel is removed for access to inside the door to change the door lock cylinder
  • The door lock cylinder is loosened and removed from the door
  • The new door lock is installed and secured in the door and checked for proper operation
  • The door panel is installed and secured
  • The inside door controls the handle and outside door lock and the door handle is checked for operation

Our recommendation:

Depending on the vehicle’s manufacturer, a new lock cylinder may have to be installed. This process may take more than a week. Avoid using the broken door lock, as it may damage the key and prevent the key from starting the car. If the key gets stuck in the lock, do not force it out. Breaking off the key inside the lock is a much bigger problem than just having a broken lock.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Door Lock Cylinder?

  • Key will not unlock or lock the door
  • Key fails to open the door when turned in the lock
  • Key is unable to turn once it is in the lock
  • Key becomes stuck and is unable to be withdrawn from the lock

How important is this service?

The door lock cylinder should be replaced as soon as possible if it malfunctions. A broken lock could trap or break the car key. A broken lock may also leave the vehicle susceptible to theft.

Fast and easy Car Door Lock Cylinder Replacement service at your home or office.

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