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Heater Control Valve Vacuum Pump Gasket Replacement Service

What is the Heater Control Valve Vacuum Pump Gasket all about?

The heater control valve, or hot water valve, is the mechanism that allows the hot coolant from your car’s engine to move through the heater core, heating the air that is delivered to the passenger compartment. It is simply a water valve that regulates the amount of water that moves through the heater core. When the engine warms up, it heats up coolant, which is mostly water, and circulates it through the radiator in order to keep the heater core and engine from overheating. Much of this heat is used to keep you warm when you’re in your car. The heater control valve operates through vacuum. The vacuum pump for the heater control valve is attached and sealed with the use of a vacuum pump gasket. If the gasket is leaking, the heater control valve will not be able to accurately control the temperature inside the vehicle.

Keep in mind:

  • If your heater control valve isn’t working, you’ll have no heat in the passenger compartment.
  • A faulty heater control valve can cause your engine to overheat.
  • The vacuum pump gasket seals the heater control valve mechanism.

Our recommendation:

You don’t want to be freezing in your car in the middle of winter. A defective heater control valve can prevent heat from being delivered to the passenger compartment, so if there’s not enough heat in your car, you should have one of our expert mechanics check out your heating system. The problem could be a faulty heater control valve or the vacuum pump gasket.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Heater Control Valve Vacuum Pump Gasket?

  • No heat in your vehicle’s cabin
  • Air vents blow cold air

How important is this service?

The heater control valve vaccum pump gasket keeps the passengers warm and comfortable, and prevents your car from overheating, which could result in bad valves or even cracked blocks. If you want to stay warm in your vehicle during the winter and prevent engine damage, get this taken care of as soon as possible.

Fast and easy Heater Control Valve Vacuum Pump Gasket Replacement service at your home or office.

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