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Shift Rod Bushings Replacement Service

What is the Shift Rod Bushings all about?

If you drive a car with a manual transmission, your gear shift selector needs to connect with the transmission in order to translate the motions of your hand into changes in the gear selected. The shift rod connects to the transmission and operates the gear selector. Where the two connect, bushings are used.

These provide a smoother, tighter shifting experience. However, over time and through normal use, those bushings eventually wear out. This leaves you with a sloppy shifting experience, and it can actually become harder and harder to locate the gear you want as the bushings continue to wear and eventually fail.

Keep in mind:

  • Shift rod bushings aren’t inspected during normal maintenance procedures
  • Bushings will wear out over time and through normal use (these are considered high-wear items)
  • As the bushings wear, shifting your transmission will become more and more difficult

Our recommendation:

Shift rod bushings can be lubricated when any transmission or clutch work is performed. If you suspect problems with your shift rod bushings, have them inspected by one of our expert mechanics. It is recommended to have the bushings replaced when the play in the stick becomes excessive.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Shift Rod Bushings?

  • Shifts feel loose and sloppy
  • You have difficulty locating the next sequential gear while shifting

How important is this service?

Because your shift rod bushings make the process of shifting faster and easier, they’re important components. While you’ll still be able to drive, the bushings will eventually fail completely. We recommend having them replaced immediately if you’ve noticed increasing amounts of play in your gear shifting.

Fast and easy Shift Rod Bushings Replacement service at your home or office.

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