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Car door is sagging Inspection Service

A sagging car door can be incredibly frustrating. It may seem like a relatively insignificant problem, but in reality it can be a real inconvenience. Your door looks odd when opened and you're scared that it may fall off. It's a hassle to try and close a sagging door because it won't latch properly unless you're lifting the door to fit it in just right.

How this system works:

A car door operates the same way that a house door does. It relies on a hinge that connects the door to the body of your car. When you pull on your door handle, the pin in the middle of the car door hinge rotates, the hinge unfolds like a book that is opening, and the car door opens easily. When the hinges are functioning properly, they not only allow you to open and close the car door with ease, but they hold the door open without letting it sag.

Common reasons for this to happen:

Two primary issues can cause a car door to sag:

  • Hinge pin and bushings are worn: The hinge pin and bushings are what allow the hinges to open up. The pin is the long cylinder in the middle of the hinge, and the bushings are on the top and bottom of the pin. These pieces rotate as you open and close the door. Over time, the pin and bushings can wear out. When this happens, they become loose within the hinge, and are no longer able to hold as sturdy as they once did, resulting in the car door sagging.

  • Damaged or loose door hinge: The hinge that allows the door to swing open and closed is attached to both the door and the car frame. The hinge is attached with large bolts. Like all bolts, these can become loose from time to time, which causes the hinge to become loose. When the hinge is loose, the weight of the door is too much for the hinge, and the door will sag. Even if the bolts are tight, the hinge itself can become bent or damaged in a way that prohibits it from holding the door as firmly as it should.

What to expect:

A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine the cause of the sagging car door and will then provide a detailed inspection report that includes the scope and cost of the necessary repairs.

How it's done:

The door hinge is a relatively easy part of your vehicle for a mechanic to inspect. The mechanic will check out the hinge and see what part is damaged or loose. The mechanic will then either replace the part in question, or replace the entire hinge assembly. They’ll also check to make sure that no damage has been done to the door or the frame.

How important is this service?

A sagging car door is a nuisance. And it's a problem that will only get worse if you neglect it. It will sag more and more until it's impossible to close the door. Therefore, you should schedule an inspection sooner rather than later.

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