8 years of experience
Houston, TX

I've been an automotive technician since 2010. I was a diesel/equipment mechanic in the Marine Corps for several years and have worked on all kinds of cars, from imports to domestics. I specialize in power trains, drive trains, and electrical. I'm a detail-oriented problem solver and enjoy applying my training and skills to figuring out how to make your vehicle run well.





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on January 15

Great service & fast!

on January 05

He did a great job and was very efficient. I was skeptical about the app but he really made me glad I chose him. In the future I will refer him and choose him again. Thank you!



Toyota 4Runner
on November 03

Friendly guy, called ahead to ensure he could arrive early, advised that my serpentine belt didn’t need to be replaced and installed a new alternator in an hour!

on January 10

He is helpful and patiently answering all my question and also help me to check other thing for my car.

on October 29

Nicholas was great. I was in a bind because my battery went dead in my work parking garage and it wouldn’t jump, and I couldn’t get a tow because the ceiling of the garage was too low. He was early, got right to work and knew exactly how to replace the battery in my car, which was under the passenger seat.

on March 07

Nick was a GREAT, honest mechanic who took the time to look for the "extra details" on a modified Jeep Wrangler LJ during a pre-purchase inspection. I'm located in San Diego and the car was in Houston, so he made sure to exhaustively document all of the problems and explain in detail everything that he found- minor and major- to make sure I was fully informed even though I'm 1,000 miles away. Not only that, but he arrived 15 minutes early! If I lived in the Houston area I wouldn't hesitate to use Nick for all of my vehicle work and services. A+ guy.

on March 07

Nicholas was awesome. He is very professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. He explained everything in detail and completed the job fast. I was really impressed. WI'll definitely request him in the near future.

on June 28

Nick arrived on time and was incredible! The labor he did on my car was no easy task and it was horribly hot an humid. He did a great job (with a smile) and I will definitely be using him again.

on September 25

On time 8am Sunday morning, which is impressive in itself. He was thorough and let me see what he was doing. Saved me money(at least $100) since he discovered the brake calipers did not have to be changed. He was thorough, and didn't let a stripped screw get in his way. Knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Great mechanic - I'd gladly book him again.



Fiat 500
on March 25

Showed up right on time & completed the work quickly & professionally. What a great service! So convenient. It's nice to know there are people like Nicholas we can rely on for a job well done. Thanks!



Audi A6
on March 14

Nicholas was on time, did a great job, and finished on time! I asked his opinion about a couple and he gave me a straight up answer that I appreciated! What else could you ask for, an honest mechanic!

on August 18

Our new go-to mechanic for Houston! Nicholas arrived on time and was incredibly knowledgeable as well as personable. Even though we scheduled him for an alternator replacement, we ended up only needed to replace the serpentine belt so the cost was less than expected and we purchased the parts necessary at a local store. It was pouring rain almost the entire time Nicholas worked on the car, in an uncovered spot, but he was upbeat and positive throughout the duration of our appointment. Needless to say we were all drenched by the end, despite the four umbrellas, and my husband and I are both truly grateful for a trustworthy and cost-effective mechanic.

on November 03

This was my first time using this service. He was great! I had him check out a car at a small dealership to make sure it was okay to buy. I showed up late due to traffic and rain but I received a notice that he had arrived a minute early! By the time I got there he was ALREADY checking out the car. He had pictures ready to show me concerns on the car. He test drove it himself and let me know every issue. He was VERY professional and I was so glad to have him there. I know nothing about a car so when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle I had to make sure to have someone check it out first.

on November 14

Nicholas was great! He showed up a few minutes early (even though the appointment was at 7am) and got the job done. He was the first service person that has been on time to my house, so that was a definite positive. It has been two weeks, so it is safe to say he did the job right. I booked him for a rack and pinion job. I was having power steering problems and I noticed the rack and pinion was leaking after I replaced a pump I had on warranty. Turns out, the rack and pinion was only part of the problem, but before he left, he advised me that the pump was also likely bad. After I replaced the pump myself with a different brand (per his advice) all of my problems were solved. I will definitely use him again (even if I have to wait a few days for a spot to open) and recommend him to a friend or family member. It is hard to find a trustworthy mechanic, and Nicholas is one of those. Don't be afraid to book him! 2011 Chevy Impala - Rack and Pinion replaced.

on November 01

Arrived slightly early (for a 7:00 a.m. appointment on a Sunday, which is a good sign) and performed his work efficiently and professionally. Personable and professional. Will use again and recommend to others. I'm sold on Your Mechanic. The convenience and quality of the mechanic I was sent to work on two vehicles, while I got to watch Sunday morning news and do yard work, is a paradigm shift for me--I'm never going to a waiting room again or waiting for a shuttle.

on October 31

Arrived slightly early (for a 7:00 a.m. appointment on a Sunday, which is a good sign) and performed his work efficiently and professionally. Personable and professional. Will use again and recommend to others. I'm sold on Your Mechanic. The convenience and quality of the mechanic I was sent to work on two vehicles, while I got to watch Sunday morning news and do yard work, is a paradigm shift for me--I'm never going to a waiting room again or waiting for a shuttle.

on August 29

Nicholas was punctual and in fact showed up 5 minutes early even though my appointment was 7 am on a Sunday morning. He was very polite and professional. He completed the work in a timely manner and made other service recommendations for my vehicle. Would definitely recommend using this mechanic and this company.

on August 31

Nicholas was prompt and professional. He accurately diagnosed why the belt broke (Drive Belt Tensioner froze). Would certainly use him again as well as recommend him to friends.

on July 09

Nicholas arrived early which I appreciate and thoroughly inspected the issue with my car. He showed and explained everything to me so I now know for sure what I am dealing with. He was friendly and polite and I truly appreciate the service your company provides.



Acura TL
on September 07

Nicholas was awesome! He showed up early and on time. He completed the service in a timely manner. I would totally recommend him to anybody needing a mechanic!

on October 29

Nick provided great service and was very trustworthy. Fast, easy and excellent quality. Very thorough. Would highly recommend Nick and will be specifically requesting for the next service.

on September 08

Nicholas showed up almost an hour early. After trying a few times to get my belt off, he thought we may have to replace the tensioner, but he managed to get it off without further problems. After getting the belt off, we found out why the belt was so worn in the first place. Now he's booked to come back tomorrow to fix that problem. He thought the part wouldn't be available anywhere but through the dealership, but after I called the auto part store and was told they could have it today, he spoke with the lady there to ensure we were getting the correct part. Overall, he was very professional and courteous. Yes I'm upset my car is currently not driveable, but that's not his fault. Glad we found the problem in the driveway and not out on the road.


  • 50 Point Inspection


Toyota Corolla
on September 14

Nicholas had a very detail oriented and skillful approach. He highlighted all the problems that were with the car and also recommended how severe or detrimental they were to the car. He was very knowledgeable as well. I would highly recommend him for any kind of automotive service.

on October 23

This is my second time within a week using Nicholas and I am still pleased. Will be using him again in about a week or so. He really gets and make sure your car runs smoothly.

on October 21

Nicholas was on time, quick, honest, professional, and sufficient. He found the problems immediately and we collaborated the solutions. Looking forward to having him always service my vehicle.



Honda CR-V
on September 18

Nicholas was very thorough and informative. We needed a Starter replaced and he did just that. He noticed another severe issue with the car. It wasn't great news but I'm very glad he pointed that issue out that plenty of other mechanics weren't "aware" of. He was very helpful and Knowledgeable with what we should do next.

on September 15

Nicholas was on time, very communicative and educational about the needs of our vehicle. He worked diligently and wrapped up as promised. He is someone who really values the quality of his work. We would like to now keep him as our preferred "MyMechanic" mechanic. Thank you.

on October 22

Nicholas was prompt and early for my appointment. He was very honest in his findings regarding the work needed to be done to the vehicle. He took great care in his work and perform the service in a timely and efficient manner. I would seek Nicholas's service for any future service I need done to my vehicle.

on October 16

Firstly, he was punctual and that's a good thing. I can tell that he was a very thorough person when he checks something, no matter minor or major problems. He was also friendly and nice, so it was very easy to communicate with him. He took his time and made sure everything was alright and good to go.

on June 27

Nicholas was very professional and thorough in his analysis and execution of the work. He arrived early and proceeded to work efficiently, including pointing out some things in the inspection that I should be aware in the future. I would recommend and use his services again. Thank you.

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