37 years of experience
Houston, TX

I have been an automotive technician since 1980 and am ASE certified. I'm also an automotive instructor and have more than 11 years experience working at Chevrolet and Mitsubishi dealerships. Having worked on military aircraft and heavy equipment, I'm comfortable with vehicles of any size or shape! My customers can count on me to provide high quality service in every appointment.





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on September 16

Ben knows his trade very well. I will use him again in my other cars.

on September 06

Ben was incredibly quick and professional. He spent no more than 20 minutes to figure out the cause of the problem, and arrived even earlier than expected. He was done even before the appointment had to start. I would spend much much more time and money with a regular mechanic. Highly recommend!



Kia Optima
on September 06

Ben was proffesional, fast and left me with a powerful running AC system on my car. He finished way before the given time frame. Will definelty use his services in the future.

on September 07

Ben was extremely knowledgeable, nice, and performed the service quickly. Top notch veteran I will definitely request again. Great experience

on August 21

Ben was not only very courteous and professional but very efficient and informative. He photographed each step and showed me the defected part and what the problem was Highly recommend him and will use him for any future work... 😊



Lexus IS250
on August 17

Ben was on time and worked quickly. He was very thorough and provided a lot of details about the repair. I am very happy with Ben's work and will request him in the future.

on August 17

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent is all I can say. Great experience with Ben, proessional, friendly, and excellent mechanic. Ben is truely an asset to your company. Any issues I have, I will book Ben, without a doubt!!!


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Oldsmobile Toronado
on August 11

Ben is indeed a true professional. He is diligent and not only works to repair your car, he keeps things transparent. His honesty and integrity are appreciated. He also explains things as well. He also is hard working and does not rush. He shows up on time, and stays until the job is completed. Not only that he has all the right tools too.



Acura TL
on September 13

Ben worked quickly to get what was quoted as three hours of work in just over an hour. Fantastic service with a friendly smile.

on August 15

Ben really went above and beyond all expectations. I felt valued and respected. He is an upstanding businessman and gentleman. A true world-class mechanic!

on August 01

Ben was absolutely prompt, professional and a wealth of knowledge. Courteous and patient with all my questions. Since it was 1st time with My Mechanic, he did not assume what I booked for was actual problem and tested all suspect items. Ended up being a defective battery but nice to learn alternator was working properly. Saved me a lot of money, especially after tow on Saturday. Definitely earned my trust and will be calling again should I need maintenance or repair. My most pleasant experience with any mechanic ever!

on July 17

Very knowledgeable. Too me for a test drive after timing belt was replaced. A small coolant leak was detected but Ben went and bought the sealant and fixed it even though he was late for his next job. Also gave me some pointers and fixed my brake noises in 2 minutes. I will recommend this fine gentleman any day, every day.

on September 07

Professional, knowledge, efficient ! Was very confident and comfortable with his diagnosis, repair and inspection.

on July 14

Arrived early ran inspection, Ben found that the code was the same code that popped up on he visit Monday (07/10). He cleaned to throttle body, etc. Hope this fixes the issue. Ben is kind, social, and fair. He will not add work just to make a buck. Thanks Ben!

on July 12

They just sent an email saying the mechanic is on his way. It is only 8:12 am! He is off to a good start. He is supposed to arrive between 9:00-9:30 am. He arrived well before that time! It was not 9:00 am yet! He did a diagnostic and he checked all the work I did. He said I did great work with everything I did. He said the car is very good shape. He said this car is indeed a runner! He checked everything. He checked all the fuses and relays too. He did a complete diagnostic too. He checked fuel pressure, oil pressure, and more. He found out what it was. It had nothing to do with oil pressure or anything. The fuel pump is going out. When he came the car started right up. He said they never go totally out. He said that is why it started when it did. He connected tools I do not have to the Ninety Eight. It is not getting any fuel pressure, and this is why it shut off all the times it did. He fixed one of the spark plug wires too. It was burnt. He jacked the Ninety Eight up and got underneath and checked the wires, the oil pressure sensor/switch and oil level sender for everything and the connections and made sure they have power and were installed correctly. He said the engine uses oil pressure along with the fuel pressure to start. The fuel pressure is non existent and that is why it would not start. After all of that, he looked at the Oldsmobile Toronado, my other car . He got the air conditioner to work again. He said the compressor bolt was loose and he tightened it up. He used this huge screw driver device and bent it back in place. He said the shims were loose and he bent them back. It cools just fine now. We turned it on and off several times testing it. He checked the pressure and it was filled with refrigerant. He checked the relays and the fan too. It was all fine. He said it is clear you take care of both of your cars. He said one thing I will not do is guess and I like to know what is indeed wrong. He said your cars are in good shape. He said you do not need valve cover gaskets. There is no leak. I booked him to return to install the fuel pump I need. I look forward to seeing him again soon in a few weeks. Today only cost me 70.00. That's it.

on July 11

Car was running rough and check engine light came on. Ben came out, did an inspection and identified that the transmission needed serviced (filter, fluid, and new seal). We scheduled Ben to conplete work next day. Ben came out and took care of us. Great job! Thanks!

on July 06

Ben is awesome, very friendly and does the job! He also came early which was a plus. I recommend him to anyone and will request to use him again in the future!

on June 28

Very professional!!! Would recommend him again in a heart beat! He diagnosed the problem and explained without making things seem bigger than what they were. Honest! Which is important in this line of work! Hands down the best mechanic I've ever experienced

on June 27

Ben was very professional and prompt. He quickly solved the issue with my car and provided reasonable solutions to dealing with the problem. Very happy with service and will definitely recommend to family and friends.

on June 20

Ben came out today to change my oil and check my ac. He did both and the experience was awesome. He even fixed a minor issue with my car door. I would absolutely recommend Ben to anyone searching for a reliable, honest mechanic.

on June 11

Selected this mechanic based upon the reviews and was pleasantly surprised that his experience as an auto technician, experienced military aircraft tech, independent contractor, and overall businessman significantly met and exceeded my expectations. By my own personal experience and observations, his diligence as well as his personal attention to detail are a few of his many positive traits he used to succeed in his previous careers as well as his present work. Will certainly use this mechanic again as well as recommending him to other potential customers.


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Honda Pilot
on March 02

Ben called and got permission to come early. He went very professionally about replacing the brake pads. Finished quickly and cleanly and the brakes work fine.

on March 30

Did an outstanding job, showed up went to work right away, showed me the parts he replaced and showed me the diagnostic on how things should be working on my truck. GREAT JOB BEN



Nissan 350Z
on December 04

This is the second time Ben has repaired one of my vehicles. Each time he has called as soon as he is in possession of the required parts and offered to repair the vehicle ahead of schedule, which was much appreciated. As before, Ben arrived and went right to work on the repair. The window motor was replaced much faster than my expectation and worked flawlessly. Great job!

on December 04

YourMechanic is an exceptional auto care service. They provide proficient and professional service. The service is very convenient for the service to be able to come to your location. MyMechanic arrived an hour early, which was great. . The prices are very reasonable compared to other auto shops. My car is running amazingly excellent. Oh, don't forget to use the Mystery Oil. It is great. I give the service 5 stars and 10 if I could. Thank you. I will continue to use YourMechanic in the future.

on December 15

A+++, the best mechanic you could EVER hope for! I HIGHLY recommend Ben for any auto repair that you might have. I had 4 struts, 1 engine mount and drive belt replaced. He is very professional and precise. Keeps the area clean and is happy to explain everything. I know this is a new concept having the mechanic come to your house but it is GREAT in my option. Think about it, when you take your car to a local shop do you ever see or talk to the actual mechanic, most of the time no. You talk to the person at the front desk only. You set there for hours and do what, wait for your car and then you get a nice big bill. When you have Ben come out he arrives on time at your house, you see what he is doing and can ask any questions you might have directly to the mechanic working on your car. All this occurs in the comfort of your home. Oh and to top it all off the bill is much smaller. I am in my late fifties so it took a lot of research before I would consider this BUT I SURE AM HAPPY I DID!!! By now you most likely think that this is not a REAL review …it is this is the first time that I tried this company and I have no affiliation with this company….I am just a VERY HAPPY customer!! Very HAPPY! You will be surprised in a very positive way!

on December 11

I am sold on My Mechanic. Ease of setting an appointment. Super friendly service. Very professional and knowledgeable mechanic. Definitely using them again. Ben went above and beyond his scope of service to check other things wrong with my car and answered questions I had about the performance of my vehicle.

on December 18

Ben was beyond professional! He was on time and was able to determine what was wrong with my car within the first few minutes. Afterward, he explained to me what probably caused the problem. The first mechanic was a no-show, which turned out to be a blessing for me! Thanks a million, Ben, and thanks to Michael for the way you handled everything. I will definitely refer you to my colleagues.



Acura TL
on December 20

Re the "Your Mechanic" service-Somehow the quotes, scheduling and overall communication seemed to the muddled. Maybe it was me. Some how most of it worked its way out but got be be a little laborious and confusing. Some of the scheduling was confused. At the end of the day, the overall experience was in the good to very good because of your guy, Ben Smith.



Honda Accord
on December 05

Ben was phenomenal. He called to let me know he would be arriving within 10 minutes. Ben was professional and very knowledgeable. He quickly diagnosed the problem and provided an estimate to repair. Upon my agreement to proceed, he ordered the part, got the part and installed. All in far less time than my normal visit to a dealer or auto shop. I highly recommend Ben and will use him again when needed. This is way way better than going to an auto repair shop.

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