38 years of experience
Houston, TX

I have been an automotive technician since 1980 and am ASE certified. I'm also an automotive instructor and have more than 11 years experience working at Chevrolet and Mitsubishi dealerships. Having worked on military aircraft and heavy equipment, I'm comfortable with vehicles of any size or shape! My customers can count on me to provide high quality service in every appointment.





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Honda Element

on July 19

I have a 2006 Honda Element that needed alternator replacement. I had the parts and started the repair but couldn't get the work done in time to be ready for work by myself. My husband and I both had critical work deadlines and obligations to fulfill and didn't want to call a tow truck for an alternator replacement. So we turned to mobile mechanics, a new venture for me since I usually try to take my car to the dealer. I am SOLD, and I may never take my car to a dealership again. Ben came by earlier than the appointment time, was VERY responsive to texts, and his work was fast and very high quality. This man is clearly a highly skilled professional. Ben went above and beyond, and the service he provided was so excellent that I would consider calling him INSTEAD of going to a dealership with my 2006 Honda Element. After the alternator replacement, we noticed the A/C was not working, and Ben came out AGAIN the same day after fixing and noted that something got jostled. Within a matter of minutes he had the car fixed up with new alternator and A/C running. So in only ~1.5 hours, this man came to my house twice, replaced my alternator, did a thorough vehicle inspection (now on the website), and made sure the A/C worked. This man is honest, hardworking, and efficient. Can't say enough good things!

on July 19

Ben was awesome. We had a great experience.


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Lexus GS300

on March 30

Ben, was very pleasant, very quick and very knowledgeable. We have been looking for a mechanic for our car and this service, this mechanic was the perfect find! So glad we tried this device and got Mr. Ben Smith!!

on October 19

Incredibly nice and took the time to show me the problem, including comparison pictures between my unit and what a new unit should look like.

on May 23

He was great and friendly!

on May 25

Very nice and fast.

on April 05

Ben did an excellent job. He was prompt, friendly and explained everything that he did to the car. It was a pleasure to work with him.

on April 04

Very knowledgeable and very friendly individual! It was refreshing to have Ben service my needs and demonstrate such a high level of confidence and professionalism. Keep this guy around!

on October 19

An amazing mechanic who Worked tirelessly to resolve my problem. Ben 's extensive knowledge and adept skills left me in awe. He was very thorough and polite. I want Ben to service my car for every call. An§ yes iv3 already started recommending him.Thanksm

on April 07

Ben was outstanding: punctual, friendly, and knowledgeable. If I can book him I may never do to a repair shop or dealership again.


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Toyota 4Runner

on October 21

Ben was great. He was polite, arrived early, and took extra time to make sure issues were fixed where and demonstrate he knew more about the vehicles being worked on than prior mechanics. Ben is going to be my "go to guy" for future service work. I was very impressed.



Honda CR-V

on May 26

He is the best mechanic I have ever had working on my car he goes above the Call of Duty to get the job done he came to replace a starter that's starter was a bad he went to two other stores looking for a starter they were bad then he eventually ended up getting a brand new starter with no additional charge to me he came put it on on top of that I had a flat and he fixed a flat he is the best I have ever had thank you so much mr. Ben and look forward to doing work with you again.



Kia Sorento

on October 23

Ben is professional, friendly, fast and super transparent. Highly recommend!

on October 25

Ben showed up early and was thorough.

on April 12

As always a pleasant experience. Ben reassured me that sluggishness I was experiencing was not transmission or any other major repair. Inspected thoroughly, cleaned and lubricated necessary parts. My car is driving better. Thank you Ben!

on April 10

Ben is the reason I will continue to use YourMechanic! Excellent service!!!



GMC Yukon

on May 26

Quick, very thorough, and very polite! Great guy and great mechanic!

on October 25

Ben was really nice and fixed my Mini Cooper up in less than 30 minutes!

on October 27

Professional and informative. Educated me on my vehicle. Will be calling him on both of my vehicles and recommending him to friends and family.

on October 25

Very informative about what the problem was with my car. I really appreciated his services. Excellent customer service! Thank you

on October 27

An overall excellent experience.

on April 12

Ben knew what he was doing

on May 30

On time, excellent work & very thorough.

on April 16

HIRE NOW. For sure, he's all business when it comes to fixing your car. If that's all you care about, then he will get the job done, and it will be done RIGHT and without burning a hole in your wallet. He knows inside-out what is in the technical repair manuals...and then some. About his customer service - let me just say that this man provides it from both his heart and his love for fixing cars. You could not possibly run into a more friendly person/mechanic. If asked, he will certainly walk you through everything he is about to do, and rest assured, you will not run into hidden costs. If you talk to him, you will almost forget that you called him out to do a job - he's that friendly. Professional and easy-going... Call Ben. This is the kind of mechanic you want on your side because you can actually trust and talk with him. Even if you're the type to go to shops and dealerships for service, call Ben if you want a second honest opinion. He's definitely my go-to mechanic, and my first choice.

on April 13

Excellent service!

on June 01

Ben showed up early and was extremely professional and kind. In talking to Ben, it is apparent that he is very knowledgeable and takes great pride in his work. Excellent mechanic, will be using again.

on October 31

Ben was punctual.and very professional.. He completed the job in record time.



Volvo S60

on June 01

It is sad that we let our cars "go" like we sometimes let our health "go" because we don't trust mechanics or doctors! I would like to say my mechanic mentality has CHANGED! When my Volvo put-putted into my driveway I thought, Oh Lord, this is going to cost a fortune. I used Your Mechanic a month ago on another car and had pretty good service with Chris V. I decided to take the plunge again to at least get the $70 diagnostic testing. When Ben arrived I was pretty scared that I was going to be out thousands of dollars, but to my surprise, I was back on the road under $175!!!!! Ben was fabulous, sweet, kind, honest, fast, thorough and an ex-marine! I made a new friend in him and feel stress-free knowing I can count on him in the future if needed!

on May 31

very knowaglble

on May 30

Showed up on time, and was very polite and professional. He explained and showed me everything that was wrong, and even cleaned my throttle body for me. He was awesome, I'll definitely be booking him for any future work

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