37 years of experience
Houston, TX

I have been an automotive technician since 1980 and am ASE certified. I'm also an automotive instructor and have more than 11 years experience working at Chevrolet and Mitsubishi dealerships. Having worked on military aircraft and heavy equipment, I'm comfortable with vehicles of any size or shape! My customers can count on me to provide high quality service in every appointment.





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Dodge Charger
on March 29

Second service always excellent

on March 29

Very thorough and explained the process the entire way.

on March 25

Mr. Ben was ontime and did a great job getting me back on the road quickly! He answered my questions with no problem! It was a great pleasure to have him servicing my vehicle.

on March 23

Another great visit from Ben! The family loves him. Ben is a "precision and accuracy" guy who knows about all there is to know about automotive expertise...and he is the friendliest car doctor I have ever met. I never find mechanics to be as cool as this guy and when it is considered that you get elite work as part of the bargain, I can't see myself going to any other source for help with my vehicle. I won't get as good a deal as if I had just had my work done with Yourmechanic.

on March 23

Ben is the best. There is no reason to do things the old fashioned way and bring it to a crooked dealer when Yourmechanic and excellent technicians like Ben will take care of you and your cars faster and with better work. I don't have to mention the outrageous costs the dealer expects out of you, so play it safe and just call Yourmechanic.

on March 16

Ben was fantastic and figured out what was wrong with my car right away. He was knowledgeable and explained to me what he had replaced. I was extremely satisfied and will continue to use Ben as my mechanic for all future car issues!

on March 09

Ben was great. He completed a repair that I had attempted, but which quickly got over my head. It was almost beautiful to watch. What took me half a day took him 10 minutes. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.



on March 02

Mr.Smith thank you for fixing my car. I am more knowledgeable about my car. My experience was so professional, enlightening and I trust your expertise. You're the BEST.

on February 28

Ben was fantastic went right to the problem and fixed it I plan on using him in the future instead of a Mechanic shop and I am recommending him to my friends

on February 25

Mr. Smith is definitely a highly recommended Mechanic. If I recommend trusting any mechanic to do the job correctly, efficiently, and quickly, it would be this impressive gentleman. He has an impressive repertoire of skills and knowledge of vehicles. Also, this man served in the United States Marine Corps, which explained his diligence and energy. You want a mechanic who is confident and accomplished? Then Ben Smith is definitely the man to call upon. 5 Star service, 5 Star Workmanship, and 5 Star Customer Satisfaction.

on March 18

He was the best. Very nice. He fixed the problem right away. The best automotive service I ever had. I will call him from now on.

on February 19

GREAT! I was looking into buying a used car and decided it would be wise to have a mechanic look at.I scheduled the appointment to be performed at the dealership but I could not be there. Ben arrived on time and just communicated with the sales rep. When all said and done and many questions later, I decided to pass on the vehicle. I was grateful for Ben's advice, patience, and knowledge. I'm looking at another vehicle and you had better know I'm trusting Ben once again!

on February 02

Very satisfied. Office staff please get your act together and order the right parts the first time. Quality control and effective time management is imperative. Again, your business model could be replicated.

on February 01

Courteous, knowledgeable, and kept in touch each step of the way. The wrong part was ordered and Ben handled things like a champ. I would certainly have no problems recommending.

on January 15

Ben was very knowledgeable and experienced. He was at the appointment ahead of time and very quick with the diagnosis. I was very pleased as a first time customer.

on January 13

What a wonderful first experience! Everything was perfect. The communication was excellent. Ben was scheduled for a pre-purchase inspection on the 350Z. What got my attention first was how helpful and enthusiastic he sounded on the telephone. He was very patient, as I was arriving from another state. He arrived early at the perfect address. He had a warm smile and extended his hand and shook mine. He told me about his extensive history and I could tell immediately by the way he was sizing up the car that he was very experienced. He took his time and did a very thorough inspection. Nothing was missed that I could tell. The report was probably in my email before he even left the site. He conversed with me freely and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend Ben for any of your mechanical auto needs. AAAAAAA+++ Thanks Ben!

on January 12

What a pleasant friendly yet highly professional character. Arrived early for the appointment and performed his job to my highest expectations. I was surprised to see his expertise on the job. Very calm, polite and respectful gentleman. Do not hesitate to book Ben and you will be shocked with the exceptions.

on January 12

I have had Ben work on 3 different vehicles and he has always done an excellent job. He is timely, neat, cordial, works quickly, and explains things so that I can understand them. I trust his work and his recommendations.

on February 06

The work got done, and done well, but there were a few issues. I had made a diagnostic appointment to get my headlight fixed and after about 1 1/2 hours he concluded that it was a broken wire. He didn't have the things to fix it and said he would come back that afternoon to fix the problem. I never received a call and he never returned that day. I finally called customer service after lunch the next day and got another appointment for a few days later. I purposely made an appointment for 3:00 because it worked well with my work schedule (he came to my office to fix the car) and he showed up 2 hours early at a time that was super inconvenient for me without any warning (he had tried to call but I don't answer numbers that I don't know while I'm working, I would have answered if it was closer to my appointment time-because I would have been expecting him to be coming soon). I ended up unlocking my car for him to do the work on it and going back into my office and he said he would call me before he left. He never called and I didn't even know he left until I got a receipt in my email for the work: A receipt for work that I didn't sign for, and I didn't get to make sure was complete before he left. I'm glad that the work was done and he's a super nice guy, but the communication could have been better.

on January 10

Ben is a very knowledgeable professional mechanic. He was very helpful and provided excellant information about my car including future potential maintenance problems. Ben is big asset to Yourmechanic!

on January 03

Outstanding service! Ben arrived ahead of schedule, quickly diagnosed the problem, and provided a temporary fix until I can order the part for repair. I highly recommend Ben and will definitely use him and Your Mechanic again for my car repair needs.



Mercury Villager
on January 06

I tried another mobile mechanic service, and that mechanic told me that I had a blown head gasket, and the repairs would run $1,300! Within 20 minutes Ben found the problem and had my vehicle running...all it was is the rotor button screw had come loose and the rotor was not engaging. So $70 vs $1300! Needless to say, I'm a VERY happy camper! So many people today will try to take advantage of seniors, especially if they are on disability. But the honesty and integrity of this company is par excel lance! I would encourage anyone to use this service, instead of going to a shop or trusting shady backyard mechanics!



Audi TT
on May 02

I was a bit skeptical about the reviews and comparisons to yourmechanic vs. auto shops or dealerships. Surprisingly, this has been one of the best auto appointments for any of my rides. Ben Smith is an amazing mechanic (was able to find out what else he's worked on and that list is impressive) and I've never met one from a dealership or shop that gave me or my wife a sense that they knew exactly what the car needs. We saw first hand how it should be done (he found the problem immediately with just a tip from the Vag-Com). He told and showed us what is necessary unlike being told what was found behind closed doors (or inside a shop or dealer's garage - where you know they jack up the costs). I was actually going to go by my searches online and change a few things in the engines that would have been a total waste of time/money before we found your site. I think this house-call auto business is fantastic and although I never want to have anything done - we will always consider Ben and this site first. Thanks for being there and having such a great concept, guys! We will spread the word...


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Hummer H2
on January 02

Ben was very thorough and polite. He took pictures of everything we talked about so I could "see" what was going on. No work was performed as this visit was simply an inspection. I won't know more about his assessment until I have it fixed.

on December 31

LOVE YourMechanic service! Very convenient, though a little pricey. Ben was great...outstanding credentials. He was very kind and thorough. I will definitely recommend Ben Smith to my friends.

on December 26

This was my first time using this service and I loved it. Ben was a great guy, super helpful, and he did the work really quickly. I'd definitely use this service again.



Acura TL
on December 20

Re the "Your Mechanic" service-Somehow the quotes, scheduling and overall communication seemed to the muddled. Maybe it was me. Some how most of it worked its way out but got be be a little laborious and confusing. Some of the scheduling was confused. At the end of the day, the overall experience was in the good to very good because of your guy, Ben Smith.

on December 18

Ben was beyond professional! He was on time and was able to determine what was wrong with my car within the first few minutes. Afterward, he explained to me what probably caused the problem. The first mechanic was a no-show, which turned out to be a blessing for me! Thanks a million, Ben, and thanks to Michael for the way you handled everything. I will definitely refer you to my colleagues.


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Mitsubishi Galant
on October 15

Ben was very professional and completed the job promptly with no problems. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely seek his service next time I need work done on my car.

on September 23

I highly recommend Ben. He was very timely, professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and in my opinion, a stand up guy! The pre-inspection service was very convenient. He met me at the car lot and the service price was very reasonable. Thanks Ben. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

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