37 years of experience
Houston, TX

I have been an automotive technician since 1980 and am ASE certified. I'm also an automotive instructor and have more than 11 years experience working at Chevrolet and Mitsubishi dealerships. Having worked on military aircraft and heavy equipment, I'm comfortable with vehicles of any size or shape! My customers can count on me to provide high quality service in every appointment.





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Nissan Murano
on June 22

2009 Nissan Murano was diagnosed by Ben and had Master cylinder replaced, This did not solve the braking issue so We had the brake booster replaced this seemed to fix the softness of the brake pedal. A few weeks later the car was involved in a accident Ben came out to look at the car and concluded the the master cylinder was at fault. After a week later a rep from yourmechanic called and said that my warranty claim was denied because Ben told them that everything was OK with the brakes now they wont fix the car. I will be reporting them to the BBB and get a lawyer involved.

on June 20

Ben came out today to change my oil and check my ac. He did both and the experience was awesome. He even fixed a minor issue with my car door. I would absolutely recommend Ben to anyone searching for a reliable, honest mechanic.

on June 17

He was so great! I was going to go and get a battery after he left. The guy that came before him suggested I go and get a new battery. And he told me that I didn't need one and that I didn't need my breaks replaced like I was told as well... he was so nice and sweet! He was so knowledgeable about everything! He's been doing this for a very long time and it shows!



Infiniti JX35
on June 12

Ben showed up a bit early which was great. He provided the expected service quickly and professionally. He explained to me the work he did and cleaned up the area he had worked in. I could not ask for better service. He was great!

on June 09

Ben was awesome! I scheduled the appointment at 11' o'clock at my job. Ben came on time despite the fact that the GPS system directed him pass the location. He still managed to be on time with a smile on his face. He also informed me about other things on my vehicle that was helpful. I would recommend Ben any day.... If there was more trustworthy mechanics' like him.....ummm this world would be great.

on June 09

He is very professional and had a great personality. I feel comfortable to ask questions in regards to my vehicle without worrying to be overcharged.

on May 30

Very efficient ! Surprisingly pleased. I wasn't too sure about going through this website but I am so glad that I did. As long as I have a car Ben has a customer!

on May 25

For those who subscribe to the TL;DR mentality- hire Ben- you won't regret it. For those who want the details, read on. My car wouldn't start at the country club, and after thinking through my options, I decided to give Ben my business for the first time. Let's start by saying that the club was NOWHERE near where he drives out from. Nonetheless, he showed up early, and with a happy, steady demeanor. He is an ASE Master mechanic, and he clearly has years of experience to back up the certification. Ben takes a pragmatic approach to diagnosing the issues with the vehicle. He doesn't believe in fixing it if it's not broken. That said, he will check every last link in the chain related to the problem to make sure nothing else presents an issue in addition to the original problem you were facing. In my case, he checked every last component from the fuel system and the feeding components, checked the relevant electrical components, made sure about the small things like terminal connections being solid and uncorroded, fuel was being atomized and cleanly delivered to the proper places, voltage drops were what they should be, and then...the car started. Seeing no further reason to perform more diagnostic, preventative, or actual work on the starting system components, I thanked Ben after he additionally generously rendered his opinion on some oil leaks I had suspected separate from what I called him for, and we went our separate ways. A few hours pass by at the club, and I am finally ready to leave. My car decided not to start again! Ben came right back within an hour! The inescapable conclusion was that the starter had tricked us both earlier, and so he went on an immediate diagnostic dive on that part. He skillfully and carefully removed the necessary parts to access the starter behind the intake in a matter of 10 minutes. He fed a direct current into the starter, and when the engine didn't turn over, it was confirmation of a need for a replacement. He drove me to the parts store nearby on my request, I bought a starter, and he installed it- everything from diagnosis to finish in under an hour. Let's just say I am beyond satisfied. From a price perspective it was cheaper by a country mile than any independent or dealership shop. From a professional perspective his line of logic and the work that he did during both sessions was spot-on and sensical. Personally, he's just a great guy. I certainly tipped him, and I will utilize his expertise again in the future.

on May 24

Ben came to my home, opened the hood and within 20 seconds knew exactly what my problem was. He called before he arrived and after the work was complete. HE KNOWS HIS STUFF. I will recommend him every chance I get!

on May 22

This man is a wealth of experience and knowledge in the automotive industry. Ben was able to accommodate me within an hour of rescheduling from another mechanic to come work on my vehicle within the hour. He was very quick and diligent with the task at hand while also providing knowledge. He had no problem and got me back rolling! Thanks Ben for your excellent service! I give him my highest recommendation for any work you need on your vehicle and with using YourMechanic.

on June 14

Ben was prompt, friendly and completed the job in half the estimated time. A/c is working again to get me through the Texas summer.

on May 09

Ben was kick ass! Highly experienced, direct, quick, and money saving! We went the extra mile (pun intended) and adjusted my serpentine belt to make it stop squealing. Thank you, Ben!

on May 04

This is my second time scheduling an appointment with Ben! He is extremely professional and polite. I'm most impressed by his knowledge of vehicles and it shows through his confidence. I do not imagine myself using anyone but Ben for all of my future car needs.

on May 08

Ben was great. Although he was under quoted for the job at hand he did not complain or try to charge me more money. He got the job done in a reasonable amount of time. Added bonus his knowledge of cars is the only thing better than his collection of cars.

on April 29

Ben did an excellent job. Well mannered, professional, likes what he's doing and knew how to do it with a really good attitude. Ben is one of Americas finest trained personnel. I thank him for his service in the Military. Ben showed he had all the tools and knowledge to perform the job. My car ran perfect when he was done with it.



Dodge Durango
on April 25

Ben was very prompt and fixed our issue with no problems at all. He was very professional and took the time to explain everything to us. We will be using Ben and yourmechanic for our future automotive needs



Lexus IS350
on April 20

Ben showed up early ahead of the appointment time. He is extremely knowledgeable in what he does and is very polite. He figured out what was wrong with my car and only charged me what I needed for the car to get it running again. Thanks again Ben. I definitely recommend this service and his work for all of my vehicles in the future.

on June 05

Ben arrived on time and was prepared for the task. He diagnosed the problem and the experience was good!

on April 04

show up early, but is all good. very professional and courteous,explained the problem and took care of it, thank you will use the service again.

on March 25

Mr. Ben was ontime and did a great job getting me back on the road quickly! He answered my questions with no problem! It was a great pleasure to have him servicing my vehicle.



Toyota RAV4
on April 01

Once Ben arrived, he was professional courteous and friendly. Did the job efficiently. Ben was a few minutes late because the worksite is hard to find

on October 16

I tell u what, this company is for REAL. Ben got to my house, in 1 1/2 hrs got me up and running. It turned out to be an electrical issue, he found the problem and BAM, I'M ON THE ROAD AGAIN !, $70: is all I was charged GOOD JOB, I'm very pleased.

on May 09

I could not be happier with Ben's work. He himself was professional and on time, but most importantly he did the work properly. I have sought automotive repair and maintenance from many sources including multiple dealers and I keep finding crooked and/or incompetent work being done, so it is a relief YourMechanic connected me with Ben. Having him come by and work on my car while I take care of my 4 month old and 3 year old daughters was a very big advantage, but the most important asset he brought was his decades of expertise in mechanical engineering. I cannot emphasize enough how hard it is to find someone who actually knows what they are doing. In the midst of a growing family and the responsibilities that come with it, having an honest go-to guy to take care of a large asset like my car is a huge relief. He helps me take care of my other baby.


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Mitsubishi Galant
on October 15

Ben was very professional and completed the job promptly with no problems. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely seek his service next time I need work done on my car.

on October 21

Ben was Great! Arrived on time, was polite and knowledgeable. Very efficient, done in under an hour. I will likely use YourMechanic going forward. I would highly recommend Ben and the YourMechanic service to friends and family. Or anyone.


  • ac inspection


Buick LeSabre
on October 23

I finally found a mechanic who not only knows his business, is friendly, is punctual, works cleanly and WHO IS HONEST! A very rare breed in today's world. I trust Ben to fix my car correctly and charging me fairly and honestly. I told all my friends about Ben and Yourmechanic, an awesome company. Please don't change anything, you rock! A friend recommended Yourmechanic and Ben to me, and that was in fact a wonderful gift.



Honda Civic
on October 30

Ben was very professional and very good at the job he preformed. He help me understand i will need new break pad in the back soon. I could not have asked for a better Mechanic working on my car thank you Your Mechanic and Ben Smith.



BMW 325i
on November 04

Ben brings professionalism to another level. He is thorough in his inspections, savvy and experienced! Ben also fashions a superb work ethic! The guy is just plain nice too! He even washed my car.

on May 18

I'm new to YourMechanic and wasn't there when Ben first arrived. We also had some issues finding parking since I live downtown. I say this only because Ben took it all in stride and was incredibly patient with me. Once he go started, the scheduled hour appointment only took 45 minutes to complete - Ben was efficient, friendly and helpful throughout. It sounded as though initially he expected that I would need to take my car to a shop for extensive repairs, but he somehow managed to make the more serious repairs himself while I waited at home on the couch. After fearing a big bill, it was a very welcome surprise to have my Fusion back in complete working order so soon. Thanks, Ben!

on November 20

Ben was very professional and knowledgeable. I ask a question he gave me an answer right away. I would definitely recommend Ben @ Your Mechanic to family and friends.

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