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Front Lateral Link Replacement Service

What is the Front Lateral Link all about?

All roadways have bumps and irregularities, which is why cars are equipped with suspension systems. The suspension system is composed of several different components that work to maximize the contact between the surface of the road and the vehicle’s tires, ensuring a smooth ride. One of these components is the front lateral link. One end of the lateral link mounts with a bushing at the wheel’s knuckle, and the other end mounts to the subframe that also contains a bushing. It resists sideways motion in your wheels and keeps it vertical, delivering a comfortable ride. Like most vehicle components, though, it is subject to damage and may need to be replaced.

Keep in mind:

  • Lateral links help ensure proper balance and steering stability.
  • A wheel alignment should be performed after a lateral link is replaced.

Our recommendation:

Lateral links can bend with a significant impact, and the bushings can wear out. They should be inspected during every wheel alignment or front end inspection. If you suspect your front lateral link needs to be replaced or you have similar symptoms, have one of our expert mechanics inspect and replace the link.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Front Lateral Link?

  • Difficulty controlling your vehicle
  • Difficulty turning steering wheel

How important is this service?

A worn or damaged front lateral link is a safety issue. It can cause problems with vehicle control and lead to accidents. Replace a worn or damaged front lateral link as soon as possible.

Fast and easy Front Lateral Link Replacement service at your home or office.

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