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Speedometer Drive Gear Replacement Service

What is the Speedometer Drive Gear all about?

Your car’s speedometer is an incredibly important feature when it comes to safety and law compliance. The speedometer drive gear can usually be found mounted inside the car’s transmission. The gear works with a sheathed cable to translate your speed through the dial, which displays your car speed on the speedometer. The gear is turned mechanically by an internal gear in the transmission, which consequently turns the cable inside the sheath. It attaches to the instrument cluster, where the rotation is converted into the speedometer needle’s motion. If the speedometer drive gear is broken or stripped, it will not provide the proper reading to the cluster.

Keep in mind:

  • Symptoms as a result of a faulty speedometer cable can mirror those of a faulty speedometer drive gear. Proper diagnosis is essential.

Our recommendation:

The speedometer drive gear is lubricated by internal transmission fluid, and regular maintenance is not specifically required. If you suspect a problem with your speedometer cable drive gear, have one of our expert mechanics inspect and repair it.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Speedometer Drive Gear?

  • Speedometer needle bounces around and shows irregular speeds
  • Speedometer needle doesn’t move at all when driving at any speed

How important is this service?

The speedometer drive gear won’t affect the performance of your vehicle. It turns the dial on the speedometer from behind the dashboard. An improperly operating speedometer can result in a speeding ticket. Have your speedometer drive gear replaced as soon as you are able to.

Fast and easy Speedometer Drive Gear Replacement service at your home or office.

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