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Front Engine Cover Seal Replacement Service

What is the Front Engine Cover Seal all about?

The front engine cover seal is located between the timing cover and the engine block. It prevents oil from leaking out when it circulates and lubricates the timing chain. The front engine cover holds the front crankshaft seal, and protects the timing chains from dirt and debris. It is bolted in place and uses a seal to prevent oil loss. As the timing chain rotates, it picks up oil from the bottom of the engine and carries it up its links to the top of the chain, maintaining lubrication. As is the case with all gaskets and seals, if you own your vehicle long enough, the seal will deteriorate and begin to leak after a while.

Keep in mind:

  • Fluid leaking from your car should never be ignored.
  • If the leak becomes serious, engine damage will result.

Our recommendation:

Fluid leaks should never be ignored. Any kind of fluid leak is a reason to have your vehicle checked out by one of our expert mechanics. Failure to deal with a front engine cover seal leak could result in crankshaft damage.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Front Engine Cover Seal?

  • Oil seeping between cylinder head and block
  • Puddle of oil under car
  • Engine oil needs topping up more than usual
  • Sludge or oily buildup at the front of the engine

How important is this service?

The front engine cover seal leaking will not cause engine failure unless the engine runs out of oil because of it. You can keep driving in the meantime if the leak is minor, as long as you regularly check your oil level. It is still best to have the front engine cover seal leak repaired as soon as possible.

Fast and easy Front Engine Cover Seal Replacement service at your home or office.

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