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Input-Output Sensor Replacement Service

What is the Input-Output Sensor all about?

In order to operate properly, your vehicle requires a number of different electronic sensors. One of those is the input-output sensor (more commonly known as the vehicle speed sensor) on the transmission.

The input-output sensor consists of two different sensors, an input sensor and a separate output sensor, that work in tandem. While both are mounted in separate locations, their proximity enables them to share a wiring harness (the harness splits into two at the attachment point for the sensors). The physical location of the input-output sensors will vary depending on the make and model in question.

Both sensors work in conjunction to tell the transmission computer if the transmission is working properly. If the sensors detect a problem or erroneous operation, the computer will generally set a transmission fault code, which will need to be read using a computer scanner attached to the OBDII connector under the vehicle’s dash.

Keep in mind:

  • Both speed sensors work in tandem, but it’s possible for just one to fail.
  • Input-output sensors are not inspected regularly.
  • These sensors are subject to high heat.
  • If the sensors fail, the transmission may not shift properly.

Our recommendation:

It is essential that the transmission control module is able to determine if the system is working properly. If the input-output sensors are malfunctioning or have failed, the computer will attempt to put the vehicle into “limp home” mode. This allows the car to be driven, but limits the range of gears available (and the speed at which you can drive). Have any transmission problems inspected immediately by our expert mechanics.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Input-Output Sensor?

  • Vehicle downshifts hard
  • Transmission will only shift up to a specific point
  • Check Engine light is on

How important is this service?

Without a fully functioning transmission, your car is crippled. You will not be able to maintain highway or city speeds and can experience other shift-related problems. Have any transmission malfunction or Check Engine light diagnosed immediately.

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