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Camshaft Tower Gasket Replacement Service

What is the Camshaft Tower Gasket all about?

The camshaft tower gasket, also called the cam tower gasket, prevents oil from leaking from the camshaft tower. Motor oil leaking from the cam tower can drip onto the heated exhaust manifold and this could cause a fire under the hood. Lowered levels of motor oil can result in less lubrication and cooling for your vital engine parts.

Keep in mind:

  • Oil leaks from the camshaft tower gasket will cause the motor oil levels in the car to run low. This is why you see the low oil pressure indicator light up.
  • Camshaft tower gaskets are located in a high temperature site under the hood of the car. They tend to loosen or harden and crack after going through repeated heat cycles. Many engines become susceptible to oil leaks after six or seven years of service.
  • Your mechanic could choose to fix the leak of motor oil simply by tightening the camshaft tower gasket if it is loose.
  • High performance motor oils that protect the engines of cars that undergo high mileage contain additives that can soften, condition, and protect the camshaft tower gaskets so they don’t leak.
  • Some camshaft tower gaskets come with steel grommets that restrict the extent of the tightened bolts and can compress them.
  • Leaking motor oil can attract dirt and dust and form greasy stains around the leak site. Have your mechanic check for grease stains to help pinpoint the leak.

Our recommendation:

It is never advisable to ignore the signs of an oil leak. If you notice any oil leaks, have one of our expert mechanics locate the source of the leak and replace the camshaft tower gasket if necessary. The motor oil may also be replaced if needed. You could also have the camshaft tower gasket checked at intervals as recommended by your car manufacturer.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Camshaft Tower Gasket?

  • Low oil pressure indicator on the dashboard lights up
  • An acrid smell of burning oil and blue smoke arising from the engine bay
  • Oil leaking from the bottom of the car engine

How important is this service?

Leaking motor oil can result in a fire hazard, therefore you must have the issue fixed immediately. You also need to ensure that there is sufficient motor oil in your car at all times. If not, you risk expensive damage to the inner components of your engine.

Fast and easy Camshaft Tower Gasket Replacement service at your home or office.

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