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Air Compressor Relay Replacement Service

What is the Air Compressor Relay all about?

Most of the major electrical components on your car require both fuses and a relay in order to operate. This is the only way to ensure that the right voltage is applied at the right time, and to amplify voltage for components that need more than battery-level power in order to operate correctly.

If your vehicle is equipped with an air suspension system, then it has an air compressor. The compressor will cycle on and off based on information from sensors about the amount of air in the springs or air bags. The compressor is electric – it’s not operated by an engine belt – and that means there is an air compressor relay that will be responsible for energizing the compressor in response to commands from the car’s computer.

Like all other relays, including your main relay which controls the fuel pump and ignition, the air compressor relay is subject to wear and tear through normal use. The more often the compressor is used, the more wear the relay will incur. Eventually, it will fail outright.

Keep in mind:

  • The air compressor relay will not be inspected during normal maintenance.
  • The air compressor relay may be located under the hood, behind the dash, or in another area depending on the make and model of your vehicle.
  • Without a good relay, the air compressor will not operate and your air suspension cannot adjust.

Our recommendation:

The air compressor relay is responsible for supplying electricity to the compressor and allowing it to operate. If the relay has failed or is failing, this will not happen. That means your compressor cannot work, and the suspension cannot be adjusted, either for on-the-fly changes, or to account for air lost through normal seepage. If you suspect the air compressor relay is faulty or if the air ride suspension isn’t working as designed, have one of our expert technicians inspect and repair the system.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Air Compressor Relay?

  • Air compressor will not turn on
  • Air suspension system cannot adjust
  • Air compressor turns on erratically (due to failing relay)

How important is this service?

Without an operable air compressor relay, your suspension system will not be able to adjust to changing needs, or to normal air leakage from air springs. This is a critical component to ensuring that you have the right handling and performance in your vehicle. If you drive with sagging air shocks or air bags, you can get into an accident as a result of poor handling. There are several potential problems that can mimic air compressor relay failure. Have a faulty air compressor relay diagnosed and replaced as soon as possible for a safe driving experience.

Fast and easy Air Compressor Relay Replacement service at your home or office.

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