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Rear Output Shaft Seal Replacement Service

What is the Rear Output Shaft Seal all about?

The rear output seal on the transmission is a straightforward system. The driveshaft yoke slides over the output shaft on the back of the transmission, completing the mechanical purpose of connecting the transmission to the rear differential. The rear output shaft is sealed to the driveshaft yoke by means of a rubber seal on the transmission. It is meant to contain the transmission fluid inside the transmission while the rotation of the driveshaft occurs. If the rear output shaft seal leaks, not only will the fluid leave a mess on the undercarriage and ground, but the transmission may be damaged due to low fluid.

Keep in mind:

  • Low transmission fluid from a leaking rear output shaft seal can cause transmission shifting problems.
  • A leak from the rear output shaft seal can occur if there is a metal burr on the driveshaft yoke.

Our recommendation:

The rear output shaft seal condition should be noted on any undercarriage inspection. If your output shaft seal is leaking, have it replaced by one of our expert mechanics.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Rear Output Shaft Seal?

  • Red fluid leaks under the middle of your vehicle
  • Transmission is shifting irregularly or flaring during shifts

How important is this service?

If your rear output shaft seal isn’t promptly replaced, your transmission becomes increasingly susceptible to damage from low fluid. You should therefore have it replaced as soon as it is diagnosed.

Fast and easy Rear Output Shaft Seal Replacement service at your home or office.

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