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Power Steering Supply Line Replacement Service

What is the Power Steering Supply Line all about?

The modern power steering system makes what would otherwise be a slow, laborious process into something so easy you can do it with one hand - turning the steering wheel. If you’ve ever driven a non-power steering enabled vehicle, you know just how hard it is to steer at lower speeds. Power steering systems use hydraulic pressure to assist in this process.

In order for the system to work, pressurized fluid must be pumped into the power steering rack. The fluid must then be returned to the pump to start the process once more. Delivering the fluid is done with a power steering supply line, which is a combination of steel and specially formulated rubber. It’s designed this way to withstand the high pressure and corrosive power of the fluid. Over time, the power steering supply line can wear. The most obvious issue will be rust or corrosion on the metal portion, but the rubber segment will also weaken. Eventually, it will fail and need to be replaced.

Keep in mind:

  • The power steering supply line should be inspected at each maintenance interval.
  • Corrosion on the steel portion might be the most visible type of damage, but it’s the slowest acting – damage to the rubber is more worrisome.
  • All power steering supply lines will eventually need to be replaced. Aging and exposure to harsh conditions will accelerate the deterioration process.

Our recommendation:

Without your car’s power steering capabilities, changing direction is much more difficult. If you have noticed any power steering fluid leaks, or corrosion/deterioration of the power steering supply line, we recommend having it inspected and replaced by one of our expert mechanics as necessary.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Power Steering Supply Line?

  • Bulging or cracking of the rubber hose
  • Significant corrosion of the metal segment
  • Leaks at the compression fittings

How important is this service?

Your power steering system is more than just a convenience. It plays a role in safety while on the road. We recommend having any leak or damage to the supply line inspected by one of our expert mechanics as soon as possible to avoid potential problems.

Fast and easy Power Steering Supply Line Replacement service at your home or office.

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