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Ignition Reluctor Replacement Service

What is the Ignition Reluctor all about?

The engine ignition reluctor is one of the essential components of your car’s starting system. It is a cogged gear that is located on the distributor shaft, just under the distributor cap. It works to deliver a signal to your engine’s pick-up coil. Whenever a lobe on the reluctor passes the pickup probe, a pulse of energy goes to the ignition module. The current builds up in the coil, and tells the spark plugs to start your engine. The whole process is called a “constant energy system.” If your ignition reluctor is faulty, your engine may not start or run poorly.

Keep in mind:

  • Ignition reluctor replacement is not a part of regular maintenance.
  • Other problems like a faulty ignition coil, bad ignition switch, stretched timing belt, or damaged valves can mirror the symptoms of a bad ignition reluctor.

Our recommendation:

You want your car to start properly and consistently. In addition to operational difficulties, problems in your electronic ignition can cause excessive battery drain. Have one of our expert mechanics identify the source of the problem and correct it.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Ignition Reluctor?

  • Engine is sluggish when starting
  • Engine pings
  • Generally poor engine performance

How important is this service?

Ignition problems shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re experiencing the problems you believe may be related to the ignition reluctor, you will experience poor engine performance, though damage is unlikely in the short term. Have the ignition reluctor replaced in a timely fashion if it is faulty.

Fast and easy Ignition Reluctor Replacement service at your home or office.

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