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Hood Sensor (Switch) Replacement Service

What is the Hood Sensor (Switch) all about?

When your car alarm goes off, that’s your vehicle security system’s way of informing you about unauthorized activity at your car’s location. To prevent this, auto manufacturers have developed hood sensors that detect any movement and tell your car’s on-board computer that something is wrong. In addition, a hood sensor warns you if you begin driving with the hood unlatched. The hood sensor is a simple electrical switch. When the hood is closed, the switch is open. When the hood is open, the switch is closed and a warning is illuminated on the dash. If the hood sensor is not working properly, the alarm can go off when you are driving or the car may not detect when the hood is open.

Keep in mind:

  • Your hood sensor switch protects you from thieves who want to steal various vehicle components.
  • The hood sensor also warns you when the hood is not fully closed.

Our recommendation:

The hood sensor does not receive regular inspection and maintenance, though if there is a problem you will be able to identify it immediately. If your hood sensor is faulty, have one of our expert mechanics replace it.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Hood Sensor (Switch)?

  • Alarm does not go off when hood is raised by an unauthorized person
  • Hood Ajar warning is illuminated even with the hood fully closed

How important is this service?

A faulty hood sensor is not usually a big issue unless it does not warn you when your hood is open while driving. The hood can fly open and obstruct your view, causing an accident. If your hood sensor is faulty, always confirm your hood is completely closed manually before driving. Have the switch replaced as soon as possible.

Fast and easy Hood Sensor (Switch) Replacement service at your home or office.

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