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Exhaust Supports Replacement Service

What is the Exhaust Supports all about?

The exhaust system on your vehicle is suspended below the undercarriage. It connects the metal brackets on the undercarriage and metal brackets on the exhaust pipe and muffler together using thick rubber dampers. This rubber damper is known as an exhaust support or hanger, and keeps the exhaust pipe and muffler solidly in place, allowing for only slight movement.

This movement is necessary to prevent large amounts of vibration and noise from transferring up into the vehicle’s cabin and causing an unpleasant environment. It allows for some flexibility and movement in the exhaust so damage does not occur. If the rubber damper or hanger is broken or worn due to environmental elements, the exhaust pipe or muffler will hang lower than it should, causing stress on exhaust parts further forward. It can cause the muffler to drag on the ground, damaging it and requiring its replacement as well.

Keep in mind:

  • An exhaust support prevents undue stress on exhaust components and unnecessary damage.
  • The exhaust hanger bracket may need to be replaced when changing the exhaust support.

How it's done:

  • The vehicle is supported on jack stands
  • The defective exhaust support is removed
  • The new exhaust support is installed
  • The vehicle is removed from the jack stands
  • The vehicle is road tested to check exhaust system

Our recommendation:

It is advisable to replace the exhaust support whenever the related exhaust part is replaced. To prevent further exhaust system damage and excessive noise, the exhaust support should be replaced by one of our expert technicians as soon as it is recognized as a concern.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Exhaust Supports?

  • Exhaust pipe or muffler is loose and swaying
  • Exhaust is hanging to the ground
  • Exhaust is louder than normal

How important is this service?

The exhaust support provides noise isolation, along with mechanical support for the exhaust pipe. Not only is an obnoxious, noisy leak possible when the exhaust support is broken and hanging, but damage can occur to additional components such as the muffler and tailpipe. Replace the exhaust support as soon as possible.

Fast and easy Exhaust Supports Replacement service at your home or office.

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