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41 years


Brake Pads


by Brian from Peoria, AZ 85383

Another outstanding experience with Peter and YourMechanic. As recommended by Peter from a prior appointment, I needed to have my brakes serviced to include rotor and pad replacement. I was also experiencing a significant shake in the steering wheel under braking, and Peter diagnosed this was the probable solution. Unbeknownst to Peter while I was waiting for parts and an appointment that fit (I will only see Peter now for my Lexus), I had an emergency engine issue that had to be addressed immediately at the dealer so I could continue to drive the car. Point being after they remedied a minor air intake boot issue, they also observed the brakes confirming peters recommendation. I had another issue with my OEM Lexus brake rotors prematurely warping. One of the Lexus owner boards recommended aftermarket EBC brakes and green pads which are supposed to be a direct replacement for OEM. I purchased then and had them here for Peters arrival. He brought all the required Lexus OEM parts in case the aftermarket parts didn't work probably. He was pleased to try the EBC aftermarket brakes first and he stated the install was straightforward. He will return the Lexus brakes for a refund and didn't charge me for them just for the labor, Brake Cleaner, and fluid. A fraction of the price of what the Lexuse dealer would have charged with now upgraded rotors and pats that should perform better and last longer then OEM. Also Peter found some seized parts in the caliper he took apart, cleaned, and lubricated. These are the probable cause of the premature rotor wear. Peter is the epitome of a consummate professional. Always pleasant, friendly, and loves his job. He is a master technician experienced and customer care and service driven. I can't recommend him highly enough. Have already used for the other vehicles in my family and referred to friends and family. Thanks


Timing Belt


by Brian from Peoria, AZ 85383

Outstanding! Was sceptical and hesitant to use this service, I'm just accustomed to the inconvenience of taking my car to a brick and mortar shop. Never again if it can be avoided. Peter was the consummate experienced professional. Not only was the problem exactly as he expected, the repair was less than the quote- which was already significantly less expensive than my past experience with traditional shops. I am overjoyed at the convenience of this service and I will definitely use again. Highly recommended, and Peter was phenomenal.

(281 Reviews)
9 years


by Chris from Peoria, AZ 85383

Chris was very knowledgeable and quick. He arrived on time for my appointment. Thanks Chris. Will be recommending you to everyone I know.

(204 Reviews)
32 years


by Hui from Peoria, AZ 85345

Very knowledgeable and gave good advice and education. Thank you for being patient and thorough with troubleshooting and fixing my father’s car.

(94 Reviews)
17 years


Shock Absorber


by dan from Peoria, AZ 85383

James is very professional and thorough. He did a great job.

(410 Reviews)
19 years


by Pat from Surprise, AZ 85388

Very professional. He explained what the problem may be and then confirmed it after testing the coil. I would definitely call him again and would recommend him to friends and family


100,000 Miles Maintenance Service


by Kenneth from Surprise, AZ 85374

He was courteous enough to contact us to let us know he was running late which I thought was great .I would give his name to my friends great job young man.

(103 Reviews)
38 years


by Elaine from Phoenix, AZ 85044

5 stars for Troy as he went above and beyond to help us get our car through emissions.


Ignition Coil


by Pat from Surprise, AZ 85388

Very professional and friendly

(542 Reviews)
8 years


Ignition Coil


by Samuel from Peoria, AZ 85381

Shaun was friendly, professional, and knew what he was doing. Can’t ask for much more from a mechanic

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Key does not turn and steering wheel locked.
Answered by Evan
The first thing I would recommend is to try turning the wheel and the key at the same time. Sometimes it is possible for the steering lock to bind the ignition cylinder. Turning the wheel away from the lock can...
Check Engine light code P0430
Answered by Jerel
Your vehicle has groups of sensors that take readings and report back to the engine computer to make adjustments, or report an error; in this case, we're dealing with oxygen and/or air/fuel-ratio sensors. The code P0430 indicates a failure in...
Power steering fluid leaking
Answered by Jerel
Hello there! This sounds like a malfunctioning power steering pump, which is common for your vehicle. If this is the case, the location of the leak makes sense because the power steering pump is located on the passenger front side...
Car idles high at startup
Answered by Jay
The idle air control valve on your car may be defective, causing the high idle. A couple of checks would need to be done to determine if this is the case. Your engine needs to be checked for any vacuum...

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