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19 years


by Mike from Salt Lake City, UT 84104

I have used YourMechanic.com and Joseph previously on a second car I own. I had Joseph do a pre-purchase car inspection (even though I had already bought the car from a very close and trusted friend) because of a few minor concerns and questions I had. Joseph reassured me that some of my concerns weren't actually issues, at all. It was more of misinformation. He was quite thorough in his inspection and discovered a few minor things that could lead to larger problems. I intend to have such issues fixed by booking Joseph in the future. I trust his judgement and ability. I also feel he is honest and forthright when it comes to pressing service needs and concerns. Plus, I really find it handy and useful that YourMechanic.com allows me to view an entire service record. Complete with voice recordings and pictures from my assigned mechanic to give me reminders and audio/visual aides in relation to the condition of my car(s). I would highly recommend YourMechanic.com and Joseph for your vehicle service needs.


by Mike from Salt Lake City, UT 84120

I made an appointment because my car had to be towed home a couple of days ago. I have no garage I trust in which to work on my vehicle(s). I'm presently unemployed and had finished up a job interview when I was given a surprise with my car cranking, but not turning over. I'm sure Joe didn't like being the bearer of bad news for me today. Outside of what I thought was a alternator problem (that'll be the next issue to get fixed, I'm quite sure of it). Joe informed me that my fuel pump had gone out, causing the car not to start. He was even sure to show me the fuel line and how it was just not pumping fuel. It'll be a 600 dollar fix (which I have scheduled with YourMechanic.com and Joseph). That's a fair price considering I had this same problem with a second car I own and it was just over $800. And the garage that did the work had clearly misled me. To be truthful, the experience and savings I have had with YourMechanic.com and Joseph has been what I would expect and want from a hometown garage/mechanic. Sadly, that kind of service is few and far between these days. Thank God I discovered the services of YourMechanic.com and Joseph. Like, seriously. Now, does anyone want to buy one of my kidneys to help me with this fix in these trying times?

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9 years


Fuel Pump


by Mike from Salt Lake City, UT 84120

Kenneth was timely, friendly and did a great job. He was conversational and knowledgeable regarding my particular issue. However, YourMechanic.com IS NOT a service I would recommend nor use again. I would go into the reasons why I feel this way, but I don't think the comment section for the mechanic (who I don't take issue with AT ALL) is the place to sound off. Therefore, YourMechanic.com will be receiving a detailed letter from me expressing my anger and outrage.


by Mike from Salt Lake City, UT 84120

Kenny was great and informed me that the previous fuel pump replacement (done by Joseph of YourMechanic in November of 2018) had failed. Luckily, that failed part and service were under warranty and I was not charged for having Kenny come out an additional time to replace the faulty part. I would absolutely use Kenny again privately. But YourMechanic.com has lost my business.

(62 Reviews)
17 years


by Edward from Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Knowledgeable and timely worker, worked through rainy conditions to get the job done, showed alot of dedication, knowledge of bad sensor and what went wrong with it (oil leaked into the crack and caused damage)


by Angelo from Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Patience, friendly, professional and thorough;no complaints​.

(49 Reviews)
29 years


Wheel Bearings


by Steve from Salt Lake City, UT 84119

Steve same back the next day for a totally different repair I asked him to do. When I went out side to see how it was going he was just cleaning up. He replace the rear left wheel bearing for me. One again I have nothing but praise for Steve and the job he does.

by Steve from Salt Lake City, UT 84119

Steve did a great job of explaining everything and left the area clean. He did a great inspection of my van and check all the systems and fluid levels. Nice guy easy to talk to and willing to answer all my questions.

(1 Reviews)
11 years


by Zach from Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Super nice guy, very thorough. He called ahead with a couple questions and made sure to check out other potential issues while he was working.

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Tie rod broke, scared to drive truck now
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The failure was most likely caused by water intrusion. Dodge has released customer satisfaction letter L04 that outlines the issue that you have experienced. The letter states that vehicles shipped to cold weather climates allow water ingression; thus causing wear...
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The best solution for this issue is to replace your Heater, Vent and A/C (HVAC) housing. A little explanation is needed here. Inside that housing are several doors that direct airflow, either through the heater core or evaporator, as well...
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Stalling issues can be not only dangerous but nerve racking, as they can be often hard to predict. There are many possible causes, and to help the technicians narrow down the cause, it is recommended to track the time, temperature...

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