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I have a question Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2007 Nissan Sylphy G11, MR20 engine Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are on the Nissan? Is it an automatic or a manual transmiss...

I have a question Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2007 Nissan Sylphy G11, MR20 engine Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are on the Nissan? Is it an automatic or a manual transmission? Automatic 147756 miles Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far? I want to speak with a mechanic Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? My car makes a whining/singing/whistling sound after driving for a certain amount of time non stop. Once the noise comes on there's a smell of something burning as well. This noise is only heard when I accelerate. The more I accelerate the higher the noise gets. I've changed [fuel injectors](/topics-fuel-injector/), coil packs, plugs, and I changed the transmission oil to 100% synthetic amsoil. I'm not sure of the car loses power when it starts because I'm afraid to accelerate too much once the noise starts. It's been causing me he'll mainly because no mechanic seems to know what's wrong leading to a lot of spending. I can provide more info if you need.

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Hello I'll be happy to help you out with this, and sorry you're having this trouble. It certainly sounds like you have something leaking onto a belt or onto the exhaust. Can you tell me what the mechanics have tried to look at already to determine the cause?

Hi thank you. They have changed all 4 ignition coils, all 4 [spark plugs](/topics-spark-plug-nissan/), transmission oil, cleaned the throttle body, changed the round transmission cartridge filter, air filter, and sealed the intake manifold (it was sweating oil). He also installed an external transmission cooler (he thought it was the transmission overheating because of my hot climate).
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Have they monitored transmission temperature while driving with a scan tool? That would be the best next step is to monitor that live data while driving to see if it's overheating. I'm also not sure what sweating oil means exactly, but if there were any external leaks obviously those would need fixed. Does the car have any check engine lights or other warning lights? No overheating or anything correct?

They also changed all 4 fuel injectors yesterday. Thursday night the car started smoking a lot of white smoke from the exhaust and it could barely start. When they opened up the intake manifold there was oil around the coil pack area. They used compressed air and a rag to get rid of the oil from the ignition coils and also from the spark plugs. That didn't stop the smoke until the injectors were changed. The smoking issue has stopped but I'm still getting a stuttering when driving, especially when the car is idle while cold, and the whining sound. Not sure if this is related but trying to give you all the info.They haven't monitored the temperature. I only saw them used the scan tool to check the cylinders, and cylinder 3 was a bit weaker.No overheating, and no check lights
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I certainly appreciate the info, that helps for the overall picture. Is your [coolant](/topics-coolant-nissan/) normal level? White smoke is usually a sign of coolant getting burned in the engine. And did they replace the valve cover gasket and plug tube gaskets? That is what will allow oil to be around the plugs like that. It's a pretty easy fix overall, but can lead to problems for sure.

Sweating oil means that there was a slight "seapage" of oil around the top edge of the manifold. They cleaned it up, drove it a few times and checked again to see if it still leaked. No signs of oil were seen
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My best advice would be to monitor the transmission temperature while driving with a scan tool, and when you start smelling the burning, stop the car and quickly see if you can tell where it's coming from. The sound you're hearing could be the transmission or a wheel bearing or any of the pulleys on the front of the engine.

Okay I'll ask my mechanic if he can do so. So it can not be the torque converter or the alternator then?
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It could be either. That sound though from the transmission I would likely think would be the fluid pump. Those transmissions, if it's the CVT, are pretty known for having problems that usually aren't worth fixing. The alternator would be one of the front of the engine components that it could be. It never happens at idle?

No the sound never happens at idle. Only after driving for a while. What happens at idle is stuttering. In regards \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* stuttering the only time I saw my car stutter like that was when it needed ignition coils(changed them 3 months ago for used genuine ones)it's CVT transmission. I've been told to just buy one replace it. Been to 4 mechanic shops and no one can fix it.
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If the fluid change didn't help it, generally the pump will go out or the CVT band will break, but once either of those goes, the car won't move. As far as the burning smell, if it's not from the transmission then I would look for other leaks that could be dripping onto the exhaust to make that smell.
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The other recommendation would be to go to a shop that has a mechanical ear system. You hook up sensors on different components then have a main computer that picks up the sensors while you drive and they transmit audio, so you put them on the car where you suspect the noise may be coming from then you see which one is the loudest and find the noise.

The burning smell only comes on when the whining noise starts.Okay, alright I'll do that. So it could be a number of things, could be torque converter, alternator, or fluid pump.
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Yeah, unfortunately, we need to do some work to narrow down where it's coming from then we can diagnose further.

Ok thanks. My final question is, do you think it's worth specific more money on, or do you think it's best I just get a new transmission?until the problem is solved should I stay away from long distances? I have to drive far to go Church today

Oh I'm just seeing your message about the white smoke. No they didn't change the valve cover gasket and plug tube gaskets. The coolant is normal level. The radiator had enough coolant and the overflow was close to max.

this is my final I promise lol. Is there a way for my mechanic to test the torque converter without pulling down the transmission?
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Hey, sorry for the delay, Sundays are a little hit and miss for when I can be at my desk. As far as the money into it, I'm not sure what you've spent so far, but if it ends up being the transmission then you'll need to look at the total cost you've incurred so far plus whatever the replacement transmission will cost and decide if the car is worth that. I can't tell how bad the car is to drive, so I can't honestly tell you if it's ok to drive long distances. Finally, there really isn't a good torque converter test at all, even if you pull it down, as it's a sealed part, and once you take it apart you have to replace it anyway.

Okay I understand. I'll try checking the fluid pump and alternator first then, since those are the easiest. If it still doesn't turn out to be any of those I'll change the torque converter. If those still don't fix it I think I'll just call it quits. I appreciate the advice.Is there another name for the fluid pump?

How long can I keep this chat open for? M going mechanic tomorrow or Tuesday and would like to update you after.
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Hey, did you hear back on any of these items?

HeyI went to the mechanic and I changed the valve cover gasket and plugs gasket, and the stuttering they found out was caused by two of my ignition coils going bad. They day I need to get user genuine ignition coils because most new coils won't last as long. They replaced them with two temporary coils until I get to buy the used genuine. It still stutters a bit but not much. The smoking is completely gone too

HelloI got the issue fixed. It was the torque converter
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Hey glad to hear back on this, thanks for letting me know and that's great it wasn't the whole transmission!!

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