I don't know actually but I'm guessing timing belt maybe....

I don't know actually but I'm guessing timing belt maybe. I was driving home and car shut off and now won't start 97 Honda crv Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are on the timing belt? Have you ever had to change it bef...

I don't know actually but I'm guessing timing belt maybe. I was driving home and car shut off and now won't start 97 Honda crv Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are on the timing belt? Have you ever had to change it before? Well I budget car like 3 months ago. And was told it was a rebuilt engine so I don't know if its been change or not Mechanic's Assistant: What year is your CR-V? 97 Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your CR-V yourself? What have you tried so far? Well I ve change the fuel fuel under dash and thats bout it so far I've just been trying to research wat the problem is before I get dirty lol Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? Check engine light was on when car die and after I change the fuel reg. Fuse it went off if that means anything

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Don't have phone on me1997 Honda CRV just bought two months ago I was told that it had a rebuilt engine but I was driving down the road everything was good check engine light came on kinda ignored it for a little minute and then lost all power car won't start now it turns over but it won't start
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No problem, This way is fine. You can take the oil cap off and see the cam , Have someone crank the engine over and see if you can see it turning. That is an easy way to tell if the timing belt is broken. Also remove a spark plug and put it in the wire and see i9f there is spark. These can have distributor problems as well as timing belt breakage issues. IOf you have a compression gauge you can check if the belt is broken as well. These engines are fairly simple So fixing them isn't usually a big job. If you have a scan tool Check the code and tell me what it is that will help point us as what to check as well.

No I haven't went down to check all the checklist yet I was trying to get some research and information on it first before I started getting all into
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Ok, Lets start with checking the code that turned the light on. Most auto part's stores will loan you a scan tool.

Oh yeah sorry I forgot to include this but I change the fuel regulator up under the dash and not took off the check engine light
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If you didn't reset the light or disconnect the battery the code should still be in the memory .

Okay I'll reset it in imma go get a code tester and do all that and then message you back
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Great, let me know what you find and we can figure out what happened.
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Great read the code before you reset it, let me know what you find and we can figure out what happened.

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