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My 1995 Toyota Tercel A/C is working but not at its 100%, you see, when I turn on the AC its cold, the problem is the air blowing out, the two middle ventilators work awsome and blows average air, but I noticed that the sides ventilators blow a significant low air compared to the middle ones, so when I chequed under the dash theres a lot of air coming out of somewhere, I know its a lot of air because it even reached my feet when Im driving (The AC control is not on the "feet and face" or "feet only" options, i know how it works) I know this doesn't have anything to it but, to your knowledge, the Compressor, Condesador, AC Hose works good, the problem is under the system inside the dash.

Thanks, hope you answer soon! Im Erick BTW

My car has 166670 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You may have a disconnected duct work for the air vents behind the dash. The connections are with foam tape or insulation and the insulation falls off or apart over time and do not deal any more. Have a mechanic access to under the dash vents and tape up the joints with duct tape.

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