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13 years


by Bill from San Francisco, CA 94116

Come on time, give honest advice. Act professionally.

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27 years


Ever since the heavy rain period here...
Car is not starting


by Norman from San Francisco, CA 94110

I was impressed with how thorough his approach to problem solving was. This is an old car with abberations that you can expect since parts deterioate and become corrosive over time. But he stayed with his analysis and I think came up with the major issue. He will come again to put into practice his recommendation (fuel pump and filter).


Fuel Pump


by Norman from San Francisco, CA 94110

David's first step was to diagnosis the reasons for the old car failing to start. He applied a systematic and thorough approach in order to reach a reasonable conclusion that he had found the faulty part. He was tireless and not a minute of the time he spent on the car was wasted. David then came back to 'finish the job." His analysis was a faulty fuel pump and/or filter. He brought the needed parts and after an arduous bout working under the car (rear has to be lifted), he tool out the old and put in the old..including new fuel hoses. Today..I stepped into the car which was parked outside all night and when I turned on the ignition switch, the engine started immediately. I have since used the car on several trips and I must say it sounds and feels like a new version of an old car. What's amazing, is that when I turned the ignition key on, the engine responds immedately and is ready to go. In the past, it stammered, sputtered, cranked until I finally gave up. So in looking back, to use an analogy, it needed a new "heart" for the old one was no long pumping. I hope this story gives you a decent picture of why I hold David and his work in such hi regard. I will call upon him again, especially with this old car, some time in the future.

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I'm having starting problems with my vehicle.
Answered by Jay
Hi there. First off your engine needs three things in order to start. Your engine needs compression, fuel and ignition. The most common problem other owners with similar vehicles to you have is a fuel pump and filter in the...
Car stalling every few days and needs jump. Brand new battery and EGR valve.
Answered by Michael
Hello, being that the power door locks are controlled by the body control module, a scanner needs to be connected to see if there are any codes present. Also, with a scanner connected, there might be inputs that can be...
AC not workin
Answered by James
Hi. Many times when a vibration or shake throughout the vehicle occurs upon acceleration, it is because an engine component is intermittently contacting the subframe, firewall, or other component that are attached to the unibody. A failed engine mount can...
Reverse not working , though other gears still do.
Answered by Andrew
Assuming your vehicle has a manual transmission, it is possible that your shift cable bushings could be severely worn causing the reverse gear not to engage as this is a common problem on Dodge vehicles. If the shift cable bushings...

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