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Patrick at YourMechanic


(369 Reviews)
32 years


by Theresa from North Las Vegas, NV 89084

Patrick was very professional and personable. He inspected the car first to ensure the repairs I was asking for were what I needed. He explained the different components and how they work to me. Love the service this company provides! I will definitely patronize Patrick and this company in the future. No more dishonest shops!

Milton at YourMechanic


(239 Reviews)
37 years


by Kip from North Las Vegas, NV 89031

Showed up on ime. Answered my questions and explained what he was doing.

Marvin at YourMechanic


(71 Reviews)
6 years


Brake Pads


by Susan from North Las Vegas, NV 89032

Marvin is totally cool, professional and knowledgeable. He explained everything and patiently answered our questions plus he double checked services that another auto shop had included in their estimate., My first attempt at getting the car serviced was a total waste of time,. It took them over 5 hours to look at the car and when they finally contacted me it was to give me an estimate that was 3x more than the original quote. The first shop I took the car too didn't seem to care about my time and I felt that they were trying to rip me off by charging for services not needed which included parts and labor expenses that they probably wouldn't have done but charged for anyway. Yourmechanic.com was so much more convenient. I didn't have to worry about finding rides before and after dropping the car of at the shop because Marvin came to us after I saved my online quote and made an appointment for the same day. I wasted over 6 hours and received a quote for $826.67 (original quote was $252-275) and nothing was done because I refused to have the work done after they told me that the brake pads, calipers, rotors and brake hoses needed replacing even though I told them when I dropped the car off that we only needed front and rare brake pad replacement. Marvin came out to us on the same day and was completely done within 3 hours for $336.42(original quote was $259.47) There was an additional charge of $76.95 because one of the rotors also needed replacing. Before leaving, Marvin informed us of what services were going to be needed soon which included adding motor oil. and windshield wiper fluid which are easy enough for me to do so he told me what kind of motor oil to buy and didn't mind at all that I was trying to save money by doing what I could myself. We will be scheduling Marvin to come out again so that the brake lines can be flushed. He already submitted the quote online. All I'll need to do is accept the quote and schedule an appointment. II really like Marvin. I have absolutely no complaints with regard to anything he did, he saved us approximately $500, he was quick, efficient and was very easy to communicate with. The best part was that he didn't talk down to me at all or try to rip me off like the other auto shop did (MAC) I highly recommend Marvin, he's a good, honest mechanic.

Dave at YourMechanic


(56 Reviews)
16 years


by Bob from North Las Vegas, NV 89031

Dave has done an excellent job in diagnosing the scan codes on my vehicle. He has gone above and beyond what I was expecting. I'm looking forward to having Dave return to finish the work that he's deemed necessary from his diagnostics to get my vehicle up and running efficiently.

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Answers to common Mercury questions

My engine is knocking.
Answered by Jay
The noise you are hearing is a pretty common issue in these engines. The noise is caused by one or more of the cylinder head camstand cam followers along with the valve springs. This engine has high cam failures and...
Electrical problems, now car won't start.
Answered by Michael
Consider yourself lucky that you made it home! Most stories like this end on the back of a tow truck, after a few hours waiting on the side of the road. Now, the good news is the symptoms you describe...
ABS light comes on when pushing brake.
Answered by Jay
The problem you are having is not very common. However, based on your description it could be only a couple things. First off, the ABS Light is controlled by the ABS control module. The module gets inputs from various sensors...
Windshield washer pump not working.
Answered by Andrew
When you operate your sprayers if you hear a quiet buzzing sound then the pump is still working. If there is no sound the pump is at fault. If a leak exists in your washer fluid system all the fluid...

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