28 years of experience
Las Vegas, NV

I've been a mechanic for over 25 years and am an ASE certified master technician. I've worked with all makes and models and take great pride in my workmanship. I strive to provide you with quality service and to get the job done correctly.





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on January 18

Patrick was very efficient in helping with my car. I appreciated the extra care he took in making sure my car was in better shape. I would recommend him to anyone.

on January 19

Excellent service

on January 13

Patrick showed up a few minutes before scheduled. Promptly greeted us and proceeded to examine my sons truck. Patrick thoroughly inspected the vehicle and told us in detail what needed to be done. I knew my sons truck was leaking oil somewhere, and I kinda figured it was the one valve cover gasket on the drivers side. He reassured us that that's where the leak was coming from. Patrick showed us where it was leaking from and explained the process of what needed to be done. He was very friendly and professional. Very thorough with the vehicles inspection.

on January 11

Patrick was very professional and personable. He inspected the car first to ensure the repairs I was asking for were what I needed. He explained the different components and how they work to me. Love the service this company provides! I will definitely patronize Patrick and this company in the future. No more dishonest shops!

on January 09

When Patrick first called he was extremely friendly. We talked about the weather a little, amongst a few other things. Very cool guy! We went on to talk about the car he was going to inspect for me. The day before the inspection Patrick messaged me and apparently was researching the type car he was going to be inspecting, and trying to learn all about any common issues or things to look for. He did a thorough inspection and was on time! I thought that was extremely cool of him. He was very good at communicating everything. WELL worth the money!

on January 14

Patrick was fantastic. Brought him out for a decently costing repair and went the extra mile to make sure that it was the right repair I needed, since I wasn't really sure. Very thorough and happy to point out and explain anything, imparting what he could of his knowledge. Will definitely be using again.



Hyundai Elantra
on January 09

Patrick arrived right on time and was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thankfully I only needed my battery replaced and he was quick and thorough.

on January 13

Patrick showed up on time, prepared, professional, and got my brakes changed quickly and even alerted me to a very low level of oil in my car!

on January 01

The most professional, positive, pleasant interaction with a mechanic I've ever experienced. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable. He did troubleshooting on my vehicle after AAA diagnosed and tried to convince me to tow the vehicle the evening before. Patrick re-evaluated and explained the issue properly. He did not try to up-sell me on parts and service not necessary. Car was running better than before in an hour.... no towing or car shop needed!

on January 10

Very thorough, very much attention to detail and very knowledgeable. Would recommend Patrick to anyone. Will book him again to do the service.



Dodge Avenger
on December 23

Patrick came and fixed my failing thermostat. He asked questions and was very knowledgeable. He even taught me and thing or two and gave me great advice on others concerns. I would use these guys again if something else comes up on my car.

on December 30

As always Patrick shows he is a top rate mechanic who cares about his customers. I was again very pleased with the work he did and always feel confident he will do his best with any service provided. It is because of Patrick that I will continue to use YourMechanic.

on December 24

Patrick did an excellent job at fixing my car. He arrived on time and was very courteous throughout the appointment. I am going to hire him for my next car service for sure. I highly recommend him for the job.

on December 20

I couldn't be happier with my experience with Patrick! He took care of my Porsche with attentive care, knowledge and surgical precision! I will have him do all my work from now on. Highly recommended!

on January 18

Very efficient & thorough , we can see hes very knowledgeable & approachable. Will definitely do business with the company again .

on December 09

Second time using Patrick. He continues to provide excellent and knowledgeable service. Very happy and will definitely use him for next repair services.

on December 07

He was on time, had all the right parts and tools. He took the time to explain everything to me and did a great job. I was charged exactly what was quoted. Was so nice to have it done right at home. Will use this service again.

on December 02

I had Patrick for my initial inspection of a recently purchased vehicle. He definitely went above and beyond. He checked everything and then double-checked. He spent a very long time going over every detail and then explained everything to me in full. Seriously excellent customer service! Thanks :)



Hyundai Sonata
on December 01

Patrick was great! He came on time, and advised me of the process then got the job done. I will definitely recommend him and use him again. Thank you Patrick

on November 25

Amazing Guy! he took his time explaining everything he knew about the crank and canm shift. Thank you again Patrick I hope to see you soon once I get my cash situation figured out.

on January 14

Patrick is always very detailed and patient when I'm asking questions. He really cares about his work and clients.

on December 10

Patrick helped me figure out what was actually wrong with my car, which ended up saving me money. He was knowledgeable and professional.

on December 12

Patrick was an excellent mechanic he was very professional and did a thorough examination my truck I would definitely recommend him

on November 13

Pat was, simply put, absolutely amazing. We had initially arranged for a timing belt replacement on my PT Cruiser, and as he worked on it he noticed a few other issues that needed to be addressed, which he handled wonderfully. Pat is very clearly experienced in his field, meticulous in his work, and communicative with his customers. He stresses his desire to give 100% often, so, for those who are willing to work with him as he does his best, I highly, highly recommend him.


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Jeep Liberty
on November 08

Arrived quickly, very polite, came prepared, clearly an expert. Explained problem, offered solutions and closed the deal. Very kind and professional.



Volkswagen CC
on October 28

Patrick was professional, polite and on time. He diagnosed my wife's car problem straight away and did some additional checks just to make sure that was the only concern. I would certainly book Patrick again if any other problems come our way.

on July 30

Arrived on time, with all tools needed to completed the work. Very knowledgeable! Kept me informed with each step as to what was being done and why it was necessary. Thank you Patrick!

on April 21

Its a busy time of year for car problems--as soon as it gets hot, the car repairs start. Home AC repairs get out of hand in the summer. Patrick was going to be late, so I got a call from him. That was reassuring. I then got a text from Your Mechanic confirming that he was going to be a little late. A little later, Patrick texted me to apologize for being behind and gave me a time estimate. YM texted me to say he was on his way. As my car was in a parking lot at a very busy intersection, Patrick called me when he got close; he told me where he was about to turn into the parking lot and I waved him in. Perfect. Patrick was extremely friendly (and apologetic for being late). If you want to walk around your car with a mechanic, Patrick's your guy. He asked questions, answered questions openly. He looked under the hood a bit, then told me what he thought the problem was. He connected the computer to the car and got a diagnosis. It matched his assumption--ignition coil. Not something you can just point at like a bad hose. He retested the car and came up with the same diagnosis. Beside the coil, there were a few minor things. His immediate concern was the coil and spark plugs. And his repair estimate caused a sigh of relief. He couldn't do the repair right at the moment, but had me call and despite how busy their schedules are with cars breaking down this time of year, I got a 9am apppointment the next morning with Jose. They're going into my contacts as my top mechanic. You'll do the same--I know it.

on April 12

Patrick was great! He is extremely kind and knowledgeable. Going to auto shops can be so stressful and Patrick made it pain free lol. My girlfriend was having some noises from the front driver side tire Patrick noticed the lug nuts were extremely loose which was the problem. He helped fix a simple problem which could've turned into a dangerous situation. Thanks alot Patrick!

on November 13

I was very impressed because I have never used a mobile mechanic. Professional, very knowlegeable. He hasn't done any work other than diagnostic, but I have confidence he will repair my car back to its great running shape. Am booking an appointment with him for next week. Very reasonable rates.

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