12 years of experience
Las Vegas, NV

I have been an automotive technician since 1974. During that time I’ve owned three different repair shops. I’m experienced with domestic, Asian, and European cars. I always enjoy interacting with my customers, and making sure that necessary repairs are done efficiently and correctly.





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on February 28

Very knowledgeable on cars with or without an OBD reader. Very honest in all transactions and labor done. Very accommodating. Prompt when scheduled so. Only recommends the things needed to be done. And takes the time to explain to customer. Takes attention to detail in working in my case the timing belt assembly , water pump and tensioner. Did a nice job for a complicated problem of space limitations, no hoist assist and weather was cold. HE DID A PRETTY GOOD JOB.. Thanks dave

on February 19

Here's the deal. You wait in your home.. Same professional service. Prompt on time and easy to negotiate with what's needed to be done. I am handy myself ...I changed and checked the spark plugs and coils. I checked the fuses.changed the battery. Read my OBD codes carefully. Dave was a pro. My ridgeline does not start. The second part after diagnosing loss of compression etc with changing the timing belt system and water pump because it jumped....we'll see next week as I Rehired him to do a 455.00. Dollar. Labor. I will provide the materials for the job. HOPE MY TRUCK STARTS we'll see next week.

on January 30

Great and to the point. I needed a power steering hose replaced, Dave would not have the time until next Saturday, so Paul will replace the around 8:30am tomorrow.

on January 29

Dave was very prompt to arrive and fast to get the repair done. Freely answered the questions that I asked about normal wear and tear for the Serpintine Belt that he replaced. All in all a great experience! Look forward to working with him again!



Toyota Camry
on September 07

Arrived on time, very friendly and courteous. Job was preformed in a proffesional manner and he cleaned up after himself so I never knew he was in my garage. Very honest as he did not try to pressure me into additional needless service. I'm very happy and look forward to dealing with Dave in the future.

on October 06

Even though my vehicle's final diagnosis wasn't good, Dave and his efforts were great. He patiently listened to everything I had to say and was very professional.


  • Rear motor mount replacem...


Toyota Avalon
on October 29

Dave put in an extra effort on this service. This job was way underbid at 2 hours - was at least a 6 hour job plus machine shop work. This motor mount is something special. Toyota ran the axle though the mount for a few years - made this job a real pain. Dave is a real pro, highly recommend him; and hope he will still work for me after getting underpaid for this one.



Ford Explorer
on December 14

Dave did a great job fixing my SUV with the convenience of not leaving home. Dave is professional and I hope the next time i need service, I get Dave or someone just as competent. He showed on time and completed the job in a timely manner.

on August 08

Dave was AWESOME!!! I could not have been more pleased. He arrived on time, had a great personality and demonstrated a through knowledge of his trade. When I use yourmechanic.com in the future, Dave will certainly be my first choice in mechanics. He did the work in my garage at my apartment complex. Dave replaced my power steering pump and never spilled a drop of either the old or new fluid. He cleaned the area under the hood and made sure the area around and under the car was clean. Dave is an excellent representative of your company and I have already highly recommended both Dave and yourmechanic.com to my friends.

on August 24

Dave was great, he diagnosed the electrical issues and found 2 blown fuses that were causing a "no-start". It might sound silly to some, but if you have not checked electrical systems before, they can be a bear! Good work Dave!

on September 14

Dave did an excellent job repairing my car. He was honest, worked very hard (he was here from 8am until 6pm as I had many items he needed to repair). Dave was professional and courteous. I have already scheduled him to come back. Highly recommend. Thanks Dave!

on November 27

Dave showed up on time but I needed the car fixed right away. That is the only part of your business that I didn't understand. Dave diagnosed but could not fix so I had someone else fix it.

on January 01

Totally Stoked! I'm not a Mechanic (obviously) but I know my way around an engine pretty fair. I told Dave what I thought the problem was, and within minutes he confirmed it and even told me good job diagnosing. He then got to work. Very Knowledgeable, Friendly, and Professional. Had to remove a lot of parts to get to the water pump, but knew his way around like it was childs play.

on October 22

right on time. Was very nice and professional. He checked everything, explains everything. He is coming back for a minor tune up and I know he will do a good job. Very happy I found this site and that they sent Dave for the call. This is a great site for me and I am sure others as well. The web is very well set up. You know when he is on his way and even can track his car and route as he comes to the house.



Suzuki Forenza
on August 26

My mechanic was really accurate and he replaced my car alternator very professionally, that's why I would love to keep him always as my mechanic.



Scion tC
on August 24

Dave swapped out my brake rotors in a half hour shorter than expected. He's very professional and I would trust him with all of my car repairs.

on October 14

Dave was an excellent mechanic and was on time. Would definitely recommend him to everyone and would hire him for all my vehicle needs.



Lexus ES330
on August 16

Dave kept me well informed. He was right on time and very professional. He was very knowledgeable and understanding. Thank you Dave!!

on January 15

Very knowledgeable in my situation. I explained everything that was going on and at the end he was able to make sense of my engine problem. Good work!

on December 05

Dave did a great job diagnosing the problem with my Explorer. I would have liked it to be fixed right away or even less time than the week I have to wait for the repair. Since I don't have the means to get my vehicle to the mechanic, I have no choice but to wait. The price to repair my vehicle is comparible and even better in some instances than towing it to the garage with the convenience of having it done at home

on April 17

Excellent work, didn't take very long to get it completed. Very professional.

on September 15

Dave was AMAZING. Showed up on time to the minute. Explained what needed to be done. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

on October 27

Was on time, very knowledgeable, easy going, all around good guy that did the work quickly and effectively


  • Tune-up


Toyota Camry
on January 08

showed up on time, kept me abreast to what was going on. Worked diligently and was a true professional.

on April 02

Thanks for my first experience with My. mechanic

on February 19

Showed up on time. It was pouring down rain all day and my car was under a carport. Took longer than estimated.

on February 13

The company was organized on giving you updates on the arrival. David was nice. But I had a bad experience. I was under the impression that they were 24hr mechanics. But no they are only 24hr diagnostics. They come out to tell you what's wrong with the car not fix it. Also, David didn't even now how to change a water pump on a 7yr old car when I asked.

on March 26

Awesome mechanic. Very knowledgeable and helpful.


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  • check for brake fluid lea...
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Chevrolet C1500 Suburban
on August 25

Awesome!! He was extremely kind and very profressional. Highly recommend his services.

on September 21

Prompt, knowledgeable and thorough, Answered all my questions and was very efficient

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