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Honorio at YourMechanic


(828 Reviews)
18 years
by sonja from Menlo Park, CA 94025

Being a 1st timer with this business, I couldn't have asked for anything else but Mr. De Jesus's overall performance. On time, listened, remarked professionally, interacted, executed and fixed. Then the bill which everywhere else is a scarey mystery was exactly what I was quoted. See nothing could have been better!!! THANK YOU, I will be calling again. SW

Whitney at YourMechanic


(783 Reviews)
38 years


washer fluid reservoir


by James from Menlo Park, CA 94025

After removing the fluid reservoir, Whitney realized that the issue was not a leak but instead a separated hose. He not only fixed the separation (and zip-tied it to ensure a tighter fit) and did a 50-points inspection, he also: - helped repair cosmetic issues with the fender that could have led to performance/engine issues later on - filled the tires to ensure better gas mileage (something JiffyLube missed during my recent oil change) - de-grimed the headlights with a lens restorer And he did all this with me looking on, asking questions about how various parts of the car worked and why he was doing what he was doing. Whitney was cheerful, courteous, and patient.

John at YourMechanic


(362 Reviews)
35 years


by Steven from Menlo Park, CA 94025

Much better experience than I hoped for... diagnosed and fixed the problem much faster than anticipated and a quality mechanic, quality price. Will definitely book again!

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Turn signal lights not working.
Answered by Mia
I believe there was a recall done on the turn signals for your vehicle. You may check with your local dealership and see if this applies to your vehicle. If not, these are cars are known for having faulty turn...
Connector that links shift lever to transmission disconnecting
Answered by Robert
Hello. If the shifter cable is popping off of the transmission selector sensor, then either the end of the cable is worn out or the selector is bad. Most of the time the cable end is where the problem is...
Passenger's side low beams not working.
Answered by Robert
Hi there. I have worked on a lot of G6's that have these problems. The headlamp issue is typically always the connection on the light. The terminals become loose or even melt and cause this. This connection needs to be...
Car dies if I let off gas pedal
Answered by Robert
This is a common problem that I run across frequently on this engine. The most common cause of this is a bad intake manifold gasket. When this occurs it create a large vacuum leak that makes it hard for the...

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