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10 Best Mobile Chevrolet Auto Repair Mechanics in Houston, TX

(1416 Reviews)
41 years


by Sinda from Houston, TX 77082

Ben was timely, courteous and very professional. He arrived on time and went above and beyond customer service. He was efficient and did the job in a timely manner. I would highly recommend!


by Kristin from Houston, TX 77092

Showed up on time, and was very polite and professional. He explained and showed me everything that was wrong, and even cleaned my throttle body for me. He was awesome, I'll definitely be booking him for any future work

(1019 Reviews)
27 years
by Tyler from Houston, TX 77058

The guy who should be the blueprint for every other mechanic. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you for having John on your team. He’s the reason we use the service.


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by Frederick from Houston, TX 77089

Very good mechanic and very quick on troubleshooting your vehicle issue. He completed my service in a very professional manner. He will tell you exactly what's wrong and whats needed for the repair. A good mechanic is hard to fine and hard to keep, and john is a keeper. I hope he is around for long time, you are lucky to have a mechanic like john come to you and fix your vehicle his service and time is needed.

(681 Reviews)
20 years


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by Demonia from Houston, TX 77087

Mr. Breck took his time to fix and actually allowed me to see the work done and what else was going wrong with the car. He took the time to explain what he was doing and what would be recommend. He was very professional, pleasant and polite.


by Venus from Houston, TX 77067

Breck was awesome. Very nice, professional, on time, and knowledgeable in his craft. I was very impressed being it was the first time using the services. He confirmed issues that was wrong with my car and explored new things that I wasn't aware of. Great service.

(550 Reviews)
19 years


by Alan from Houston, TX 77007

My car had a cracked exhaust manifold that made it extremely loud when running. Eduardo arrived early and replaced it using the part I provided. Works great now and it's quite as a mouse!


by Rickey from Houston, TX 77086

We are thankful for him ! He was courteous and on time. We are looking forward to having him do another job for us. Thank you, we appreciate your company!

(307 Reviews)
12 years




by Sharon from Houston, TX 77082

Mr. Roberto is primo! I love how he explains things, and he is fast and efficient as well. Love having him come.


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by Jessica from Houston, TX 77067

Wonderful to work with! He does his research, double checks to make sure the problem is what it is and that it'll be resolved with the recommended fix. He's actually been with me the entire way through the problems with an error code that would not go away, and it's been nothing but an excellent experience. Thank you so very much!

(158 Reviews)
10 years


by Robin from Houston, TX 77009

I was skeptical because this appt was rescheduled twice. However Travis arrived on time, was personable & did a great job. I will reuse the device for my breaks in the very near future.


by Wendy from Houston, TX 77006

Travis was the best! He arrived right on time, was very informative about the repairs and super friendly and kind. He took the time out of his schedule to fix my Tahoe ahead of schedule because he knew I was taking a road trip in a few days. Your Mechanic is my go-to for repairs and I will definitely look for Travis in the future. Thanks buddy!!!

(137 Reviews)
16 years
by Carol from Houston, TX 77064

Oscar is always punctual and professional and very efficient with his work. Oscar has performed work on my car several times and I am always happy with his work


by Carol from Houston, TX 77046

Oscar was great! On time, professional, fast with the work and went over with me all the recommendations of what may need doing. Very happy with this service will definitely use again


(115 Reviews)
10 years


by Monika from Houston, TX 77084

I've interacted with a lot of mechanic since getting my car and Christopher is definitely the best, I've encountered. He is knowledgeable, patient, and excellent at what he does. He takes the time to explain things and gives you honest feedback about what is going on with tour car.


by Max from Houston, TX 77065

Christopher was nice and I found him to be very knowledgeable and quick to find solutions. All but most of his recommendations in reference to the 50 point inspection seems to be accurate. However, Chris did recommend my air filter and cabin air filter to be replaced but I actually replaced those myself on my last oil change just 2-3 months back. Not sure what he saw to recommend both.


(87 Reviews)
13 years




by Winzell from Houston, TX 77066

Excellent service. Jeremiah was available the same day my starter went out, showed up exactly when he said he would- to the minute- and within an hour had me up and running again. A real stand up guy who I'll be sure to request by name in the future.

by Gus from Houston, TX 77092

Jeremiah was very punctual, immediately went to work on vehicle and fix the problem.

(41 Reviews)
9 years


by Pamela from Houston, TX 77084

Arrived right on time, was friendly, personable and professional. Completed the repair quickly and competently. Will request Andrews for my next repair.


by Toya from Houston, TX 77074

I had this metallic hinging noise for over a month. I was quite skeptical to request YourMechanic for this job since I usually have my car on lifters for such tasks. I was very impressed with Andrew ! He arrived at 5:30 pm and was done in record timing. Thanks for taking care of this job for me and performing a before and after road test. I took it for a spin this morning and the ride was quieter and smoother!

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Tire size 205/40z17 is not specified for your vehicle and thus does not fit. Use of that size will alter your speedometer reading, at minimum, and possibly affect other vehicle speed sensors affecting shift patterns. Your current tires are probably...
My car isn't accelerating when I put in in drive and press the gas pedal.
Answered by Marvin
Hi there. Check the brakes on your vehicle to see if they may be locked. Check the parking brake and make sure that its released. Visually look at around the brakes for anything out of the ordinary. If the brakes...
What kind of fuel pump does a 2005 Chevy venture have so I can buy one?
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Hi there. The OEM replacement fuel pump for a 2005 Chevrolet Venture is GM Part No.: 19180125. I think you'll find that if you have one of our professional mobile mechanics come to your location and complete the fuel pump...
My brake pedals squeaks when I release the brake and then press the accelerator.
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Hello. A squeaky brake pedal can be caused by a few different things. The most common reason for a squeaky brake pedal is a brake pedal mechanism that needs to be lubricated. The brake pedal has moving parts which can...

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