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Chevrolet Prizm

on December 11

Showed up on time, prepared to fix my car which was parked in a parking lot. Worked diligently and allowed me to sit inside Starbucks while he did the work. Obviously knowledgeable about cars, and replaced my radiator in just 2 hours.

on November 05

Genaro was very honest and professional. He explained his diagnostics in a simple, understandable manner. I had another great, pleasurable experience. I will continue to use this service.

on December 01

Excellent job! On time and very friendly. I basically just showed him to the car and he took car of everything. Thanks!!



Dodge Charger

on December 22

Really helpful and convenient. Came on time and finished in a timely manner. Also inspected car for other issues after taking care of initial problem.

on September 26

Thank you for the awesome service! I somehow broke of the handle to my driver's side door. Genaro was able to fix this and change my oil within an hour.

on March 23

Excellent mechanic! Professional, on time, and truthfull with his diagnosis. I 1st had Genaro look at a no start issue, and specifically requested him for some brake issues Whenever i use Your Mechanic, i will always request Genaro. Allaround a good guy!!!



Chevrolet Sonic

on March 28

Genaro was very professional and helpful, he explained what was the issue with my car, what he was going to do to fix it. My car's horn is working again and I am a satisfied customer.

on October 22

Genaro was on time and quickly resolved my issue in less than the time quoted. He also gave me some good advice on how to proceed with other potential issues with my car. I will employ his services again.



Toyota Tacoma

on October 28

My overall experience was good. Genaro arrived a bit late but I have no complaints with that because he kept me informed about his arrival time and did not make me wait for him or call him to find out his ETA. Break pads on the two front tires were changed in a reasonable time and he answered all my questions (generic and specific to the break pad job). He came with all the parts and tools and knew what to do. I have no complaints with this repair and therefore I think it deserves a 5-star.

on January 23

Very professional, immediatly let me know his thoughts about the car, im big on stick with who i know works professional and well, will be sticking with Genaro when my car has future problems and will be referring my friends and coworkers to him as well.

on December 31

Genaro did a great job! He was very courteous and answered all of my questions. I'm definitely going to use him again for some other work that my vehicle needs.



Ford Escape

on November 19

Polite, Prompt, Professional.......Gen around was all of these. Arrived on time, introduced himself, and after a quick confirmation of my problem, he got straight to work as I returned to work myself. He finished 15 minutes ahead of the projected schedule, I checked the work, signed, and we both went on with our days. My coworkers were amazed at the quickness and convenience. I'll be using your services again.

on September 22

Genaro was great! He was prompt, well mannered and spoke very knowledgeably about my repair and other concerns he had about my vehicle. I will be booking another appointment with him soon!



Toyota Corolla

on July 16

I was on my way to my regular mechanic to get car inspected and my brakes were making noice I pulled in to another place closer to my home and was told I needed new front brake pads ok no biggie but then said rotors and calibers as well. A 700 dollar job I did not have so I called my regular guy and he confirmed as well it would be costly. I was freaking out and my Mom sent me the link to your mechanic and thank u Jesus Genaro was a blessing! He changed my pads and rotors but said no need to change calipers right now..I will get new ones in a couple of months but just can't afford right now. He was also on time for appointment and was done within 2 hrs. Have other work to do as well and will indeed call him in the next couple of months thanks Mom!


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Nissan Murano

on October 02

First time customer. Genaro was time. Finished earlier than expected. Explained service completed. Explained what needed to be done in future. Accommodating and knowledgeable.

on October 15

Genaro was on time, did my repair in a timely manner. He also found a problem with my vehicle that I was unaware of. He explained it to me as well as requested a quote for that repair for me.



Jeep Wrangler

on July 02

My first impression with this service was that Genaro called me 1 hour ahead of time and informed me that the part he was waiting on hadn't been delivered yet, so he would be late. I completely understood and appreciated the professionalism he displayed. When he arrived, he immediately got to work wasting no time at all. 45 minutes later, I had a brand new starter installed in my Jeep. I saved hundreds of dollars. He gave me an estimate of additional maintenance services I needed, and DID NOT pressure me to get them done now. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction. Then he rode off into the sunset. I'm so satisfied with this service, I trust that it would have gone the same way had I not been there (alluding to how women get taken advantage of by mechanics).

on June 12

I felt extremely comfortable with Genaro and the work he performed. He was very thorough and I appreciate the recommendations he provided. I will definitely recommend his services and absolutely request him again.

on June 04

My experience was great. Genaro was on time. He was friendly. Inspected my car found the problem. I will highly recommend him to everyone I know. I wll use him again. Great job, Thank you.

on May 23

Very professional and knowledgeable. He made the repairs in a timely manner and was very thorough. He answered the questions I had. Very happy with his service.



Acura TL

on May 15

Genaro was very polite and worked quickly and thoroughly. It has only been a few days since he worked on my car, but so far, everything is in excellent working condition and I have confidence in his work.

on April 27

First time using Your Mechanic, I was extremely pleased with the service and its affordability. Genaro was prompt and very professional. Highly recommend him! Great service

on October 24

Extremely professional and timely service. Genaro was very friendly and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!



Ford F-150

on October 23

Genaro was prompt, courteous, and did above and beyond in fixing my F150. I would highly recommend Genaro and the YourMechanic experience.

on November 29

Great service and performed them all in less time than it was quoted. He was very knowledgeable about the different components on the car.

on September 24

this is my first time using this service, I would definitely go with it again whenever possible. Genaro was great, definitely recommended!

on October 08

Great experience with Genaro, he was on time, friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. I'll definitely be using the service again!

on October 26

I highly recommend Genaro. He was friendly, thorough and knowledgable. He diagnosed my car's problem and helped to solve it. Good job!

on April 29

Saved me money because I didn't even have to use the part he bought. He should me it wasn't a cracked manifold but just loose bolts. He rethreaded the holes and put in new bolts.



Toyota Corolla

on January 24

He was wonderful! My wife loved him. Not only was he knowledgeable, he was very friendly. Would highly recommend him at any time!

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