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How much does Pontiac Grand LeMans repair and maintenance cost?

The cost depends on your car, the type of service, and where you live. Here are estimates for a selection of Pontiac Grand LeMans services.

Service Estimate Savings Dealer Estimate Location
Service type Brake Light Switch Replacement for 1979 Pontiac Grand LeMans V8-4.4L Estimate $106 Savings 33.07% Dealer Estimate $159 Location South San Francisco, CA
Service type Ball Joint Front - Lower Right Replacement for 1977 Pontiac Grand LeMans L6-4.1L Estimate $346 Savings 44.34% Dealer Estimate $622 Location Bedford, TX
Service type Window Motor / Regulator Assembly - Driver Side Front Replacement for 1980 Pontiac Grand LeMans V8-5.0L Estimate $276 Savings 41.19% Dealer Estimate $470 Location Schuylkill Haven, PA
Service type Door Lock Actuator - Passenger Side Front Replacement for 1978 Pontiac Grand LeMans V8-5.7L Estimate $325 Savings 38.07% Dealer Estimate $524 Location Flower Mound, TX
Service type Differential / Gear Oil - Rear Replacement for 1982 Pontiac Grand LeMans V6-3.8L Estimate $107 Savings 32.68% Dealer Estimate $159 Location Franklin, MI
Service type Turn Signal Switch Replacement for 1980 Pontiac Grand LeMans V8-4.9L Estimate $180 Savings 40.20% Dealer Estimate $301 Location Syracuse, UT
Service type Ball Joint Front - Lower Left Replacement for 1975 Pontiac Grand LeMans V8-7.5L Estimate $287 Savings 43.03% Dealer Estimate $504 Location North Hills, CA
Service type Exterior Door Handle - Driver Side Front Replacement for 1976 Pontiac Grand LeMans V8-4.3L Estimate $161 Savings 36.32% Dealer Estimate $254 Location Anna, TX

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Answers to common Pontiac Grand LeMans questions

Why won't my car start after replacing fuel pump
Answered by Tim
Hi there. In general, when an engine just 'clicks' when you turn the key, it's due to an electrical relay that is damaged, battery or battery cables that are worn out or broken or a broken fuse. Any or many...
My headlights, both high & low beam, are out - 2002 Pontiac Sunfire
Answered by Marvin
Hi there. It seems that the high and low beam switch has a broken contact in it. It would be best to remove the switch and replace it with a new one. If, for some reason, the switch does not...
Rough idle on acceleration displaying symptoms of a misfire, but there is no misfire codes detected. On cold starts the car is completely normal.
Answered by Marvin
Hi there. Since you have a code for the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (https://www.yourmechanic.com/services/exhaust-gas-recirculation-egr-valve-replacement) (EGR), the EGR could act like a vacuum leak and cause a random misfire. Remove the EGR and clean it out and then put it back on....
how much to fix a slipping transmission
Answered by Andrew
The price for resolving this issue can vary greatly. The transmission can slip for a number of different reasons. It is possible that the transmission is simply low on fluid. If this is the case, top off the fluid and...

Fast and easy Pontiac Grand LeMans services at your home or office.

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