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How much does Pontiac Tempest repair and maintenance cost?

The cost depends on your car, the type of service, and where you live. Here are estimates for a selection of Pontiac Tempest services.

Service Estimate Savings Dealer Estimate Location
Service type Brake Pads - Rear Replacement for 1966 Pontiac Tempest L6-3.8L Estimate $144 Savings 36.06% Dealer Estimate $226 Location Norfolk, VA
Service type Oil Change for 1970 Pontiac Tempest V8-5.7L Estimate $100 Savings 34.69% Dealer Estimate $153 Location Fairfield, OH
Service type Brake System Flush for 1970 Pontiac Tempest V8-5.7L Estimate $108 Savings 27.34% Dealer Estimate $149 Location Santa Ana, CA
Service type Window Motor / Regulator Assembly - Passenger Side Rear Replacement for 1967 Pontiac Tempest V8-5.3L Estimate $285 Savings 39.57% Dealer Estimate $473 Location Los Angeles, CA
Service type Windshield Wiper Motor - Front Replacement for 1969 Pontiac Tempest V8-6.6L Estimate $236 Savings 43.15% Dealer Estimate $415 Location Oakland, CA
Service type Brake Pads - Front Replacement for 1990 Pontiac Tempest V6-3.1L Estimate $146 Savings 37.03% Dealer Estimate $233 Location Saint Louis, MO
Service type Brake Caliper - Driver Side Rear Replacement for 1964 Pontiac Tempest L6-3.5L Estimate $258 Savings 37.56% Dealer Estimate $413 Location Tucson, AZ
Service type Control Arm Assembly - Rear Upper Right Replacement for 1969 Pontiac Tempest V8-6.6L Estimate $142 Savings 32.45% Dealer Estimate $210 Location Westwood, NJ

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Answers to common Pontiac Tempest questions

My key fob doesn't unlock my 2007 Pontiac Grand prix and my obd 2 reader won't connect.
Answered by Jerel
As far as the malfunctioning key fob, it may be time for a new unit. The contacts may be worn out on the circuit board inside the device or the button may be worn and not making enough contact. You...
Had back brakes replaced at Pep Boys. Now there's a squeeking sound coming from the rear. Also when I use my brakes it's not a sm
Answered by Tim
Hi there. When you hear a squeak shortly after replacing the brakes, it's commonly due to excessive brake dust trapped between the caliper and brake rotor. However, it is also possible that something is stuck or the pads installed are...
electric steering hard to turn
Answered by Mark
Hi there. From the description you have provided it sounds like it could be, the electric power steering motor (https://www.yourmechanic.com/services/electrical-components-are-not-working-inspection) has failed. It could also be, an electrical power or ground failure (https://www.yourmechanic.com/services/electric-problems-inspection) to the power steering motor. I recommend...
Coolant elbow leak
Answered by Robert
It is very common for the elbow on the intake manifold to leak. There are aftermarket elbows made of metal instead of plastic which will keep this from occurring again. If you want to have this repaired, consider YourMechanic, as...

Fast and easy Pontiac Tempest services at your home or office.

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