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Had rear drums/shoes replaced. A day later, right rear sounds like rubbing or creaking when braking at low speed or when stopped and brake is depressed. Brakes had no issues before repair. Only had them replaced because it was recommended to me that I be proactive before they start to wear. Why is this happening with new ones? Should I take the car back? Will they charge me again if its their mistake?

My car has 78000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. It is actually quite normal for some squealing or ’rubbing’ noises to happen shortly after replacing rear brakes due to excessive brake dust trapped between the wheel hub and rear drum and shoe. This happens more frequently when the brake service and repair place does not remove excessive brake dust from the rotor. An experienced mechanic will use chemical brake cleaner prior to installing new brake shoes and drum. On disc brakes (like those up front), it’s very simple to remove the dust simply by spraying behind the wheel with a high pressure hose to remove the dust. With rear shoes, its a bit more complex. The dust should eventually wear off and the ’dragging or squeaking sounds’ should eventually reduce. In regards to taking it back, I would recommend against this; as the odds of a brake service place admitting to any fault is incredibly remote and they would most likely charge for a "brake inspection". One thing to double check on your end is the emergency brake. Make sure it’s not accidentally applied as this can cause the symptoms you’re describing as well. If the problem continues after a few more weeks, you might want to have a professional mobile mechanic complete a brake system inspection.

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