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Q: My wind shield wipers wont work but i hear the motor but the wipers wont move

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My wind shield wiper stop working this morning i hear the motor but the wiper wont move and im not sure if its the snow and ice or is because i need a new wiper or a new wind shield motor? I asked my shop to look at it and they wanted 120 just to look at it and i dont want to replace the motor if thats not the problem

My car has 129000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You can try to use a heat gun (REALLY carefully though, unless you intend to scrap your car) to melt any ice on the linkages to ensure that the linkages are not mechanically binding anywhere (due to ice; they can, of course, bind due to other causes). Of course, if it’s REALLY cold out, even that strategy is going to be problematic because whatever you unfreeze could instantly re-freeze. You just have to judge your circumstances or put the car in a warm garage for a short while. Heat gun or no heat gun, if you judge that there are no mechanical blockages, and you can SEE the motor turning, and yet the wipers aren’t moving, you could have stripped (broken) linkages. If you cannot see what the motor is doing, the noise you are hearing could be the "humming" of a stuck motor, as opposed to an actually functioning motor. If you desire that the issue be diagnosed and the root cause(s) repaired simply request a non working wiper diagnostic and a certified mechanic will come right to your location and get this resolved for you. Please let us know if you have additional or followup questions.

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