Q: Are dodge magnums expensive to maintain

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Are dodge magnums expensive to maintain
My car has an automatic transmission.

Edmunds compiles and publishes the type of data (maintenance costs) that you are seeking but for your specific year and model the entries are blank at their website, probably due to the relatively small production run of this vehicle (i.e., there is too little data to create a reliable report). You can infer the likely costs though by reviewing consumer complaints about the car as well as published TSB’s and recall data. All of the latter data are in the NHTSA database. Just search on the year, make and model of interest. In addition, "Consumer Reports" publishes very detailed reliability data for the model. Again, what you can do is infer probability of breakdown, and also learn of known issues with the vehicle, by thoroughly reviewing that data. In many cases studies, I have found the NHTSA and Consumer Reports data to be highly predictive (reliable). If you are contemplating buying the model, in addition to reviewing already published data, you can request a pre-purchase vehicle inspection. That comprehensive inspection, performed by a certified Mechanic dispatched to your location by YourMechanic, will give you very specific data regarding any current problems, and likely repair and maintenance costs, with any actual car you want to buy. If you are unable to access any of the NHTSA or Consumer Reports’ resources, or desire data of a different type, please do not hesitate for a moment to re-contact YourMechanic and we will assist you further.

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